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a governor of a province in ancient Persia

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Next was the turn of the Gadara satrapy, with its capital of Pushkalavati taken?
Conquest of Indus Region: Political situation of the Indian Satrapy after the Achaemenians disintegration After the disintegration of Achaemenian empire the Indus Satrapy was no longer united as an administrative entity.
Barck ran his office as a satrapy in the dominion of Bernard McFeely, the fifty-six-year-old mayor of Hoboken.
All of this makes any goal of turning Iraq into a satrapy even more difficult.
Among their topics are the first Hellenistic man, from satrapy to Hellenistic kingdom as seen in Egypt, Frataraka rule in Seleucid Persis, the struggle for independence and the dream of hegemony in early Hellenistic Rhodes, the significance of Plataia for Greek eleutheria in the early Hellenistic period, being royal and female in the early Hellenistic period, and rethinking Hellenistic aesthetics.
It is a curious historical parallel that the original usage of the term "Makran" (by Herodotus among others) referred collectively to most of the geographical areas under discussion here for their biogeographical affinity--from the southern parts of Sindh, Baluchistan and Iran across the Strait of Hormuz to the southern Arabian Gulf and Northern Oman--that being the extent of Maka, a satrapy of the 4th to 6th century B.
Serebrennikov wrote in 1932 that the "Bolsheviks are turning Russia into some kind of wild Asiatic satrapy of a country, poor and beaten down.
4), and Cleitus was commissioned to take over the satrapy of Bactria-Sogdiana (Curt.
There is a unique jurisdictional power-sharing arrangement, or political satrapy, among various clerical, military and technocratic power brokers.
What is most worrisome about the dominance of Jaish-e-Mohammad and other terrorist organisations in South Punjab is the fact that the local centres of power in the region are likely to succumb to it in the same way that the people did in Swat after warlord Fazlullah was allowed by the MMA government in the NWFP to establish his satrapy there," the editorial concluded.
In addition, there is the growing self-sufficiency and sovereignty of Iraq, whose leaders--including Iraqi Shia--have shown they do not intend for the new, post-Saddam Iraq to become a satrapy of its neighbor to the east.
Eraly's history, 550 pages of it, is replete with the wars, the slaughter, the cruelty, and finally the crushing poverty in which a foreign satrapy of central Asian monarchs, chieftains, and their courtiers, those 655 individuals, left India.
Later, Herodotus mentions that Punjab was the 2oth satrapy, province, of the Achamenian Empire around 700 BCE, and was the most popular and the richest.
Washington headquarters to take over a satrapy in California.