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a governor of a province in ancient Persia

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Next was the turn of the Gadara satrapy, with its capital of Pushkalavati taken?
Now is the time to act urgently on Camp Ashraf--a bellwether of growing Iranian influence over Iraq--before Tehran turns Iraq into a satrapy.
There is a unique jurisdictional power-sharing arrangement, or political satrapy, among various clerical, military and technocratic power brokers.
What is most worrisome about the dominance of Jaish-e-Mohammad and other terrorist organisations in South Punjab is the fact that the local centres of power in the region are likely to succumb to it in the same way that the people did in Swat after warlord Fazlullah was allowed by the MMA government in the NWFP to establish his satrapy there," the editorial concluded.
In addition, there is the growing self-sufficiency and sovereignty of Iraq, whose leaders--including Iraqi Shia--have shown they do not intend for the new, post-Saddam Iraq to become a satrapy of its neighbor to the east.
Eraly's history, 550 pages of it, is replete with the wars, the slaughter, the cruelty, and finally the crushing poverty in which a foreign satrapy of central Asian monarchs, chieftains, and their courtiers, those 655 individuals, left India.
Later, Herodotus mentions that Punjab was the 2oth satrapy, province, of the Achamenian Empire around 700 BCE, and was the most popular and the richest.
Although chronologies still remain under dispute, this strategically located region that had formerly been an Achaemenid satrapy was subjected to Mauryan rule during the fourth century BC, becoming the Indian north-west frontier.
Washington headquarters to take over a satrapy in California.
In the four subsequent chapters, Tomasevich deals with the invasion and dismemberment of Yugoslavia by the Axis powers and their junior partners, Hungary and Bulgaria, resulting in a welter of annexations; he outlines the establishment of that satrapy, the so-called Independent State of Croatia, carved into Italian and German spheres of influence; and he comprehensively examines the occupation regimes established in Serbia and the larger part of Slovenia by Germany, and in Montenegro by Italy (later taken over by Germany).
He had marshaled mainland Turkish support in the form of massive loans from the Turkish government for Turkish Cypriots and for his government, gradually built up his own status from that of a pasha of a minor, easily ignored, satrapy, and become a formidable if unrecognized world statesman of a troublesome but real polity.
Some observers speculate that the Castro regime may have purposely allowed the petition project to reach its current stage, both to gain access to a ready-made list of disgruntled critics, and to pave the way for transforming Cuba's image as a hardline Communist satrapy to a respectably "moderate" collectivist partner in the developing new world order.
Confronted with the tales of often stirring, always laudable, bravery which Luxmoore and Babiuch recount, Australian readers might well ask themselves: had Soviet troops conquered Australia, which of our own Catholic hierarchs would have opposed the resultant Communist satrapy, and which would have appeased it?
23) Since the danger was a violent revolution leading to a Communist dictatorship that would make the United States a satrapy of the Soviet Union--a danger that, if it materialized, would have fearful consequences for the United States and for the world--the curtailment of free speech was warranted, notwithstanding the improbability of such a revolution.