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a governor of a province in ancient Persia

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From The Mediterranean Satrapies, This Theocracy Will Extend To The Atlantic And The Pacific Through The American West Coast; The Indian Ocean Will Be Reached From The Arabian Sea; And From The Black Sea A Canal Will Cross The Caucasus To The Caspian Sea And From There Canals Will Run Through China & Korea To The Arctic; From The Most Convenient Pacific Island A Run Via Australasia Will Take The Rest Of The Globe, Including The Antarctic - Of Course, This Is Just A Dream
Opening and closing the pause menu, while the Declare War On *Overlord/Make Peace With Satrapies panel is open in Campaign mode, will no longer close the panel and make peace with the satrapies.
In little more than a generation a group of reformers recruited mostly from the lower ranks of the samurai transformed Japan from a closed society and economy ruled as a collection of feudal satrapies into a modern industrialized nation-state.
Irani, arguably the most powerful Lebanese executive on the planet( Carlos Ghosn does not influence the price of the world's most strategic and valuable commodity or play the game of nations for the highest stakes in the offshore satrapies of black gold
24) On a less positive note, Xenophon evokes the image of a somewhat paranoid Great King policing his realm by utilizing a tight network of spies, the Faithful (pistol), throughout the length and breadth of the empire to report back to the central authority any threat of rebellion in the satrapies (Cyr.
In reality, he presides over several political satrapies manned by various oligarchs.
27) By turning nationalist forces in the "third world" and the Eastern European satrapies against an increasingly bankrupt Soviet Union, the Reagan Doctrine ultimately forced Moscow to change its behavior, thereby accomplishing the original strategic objective of containment.
It will hit the aggressor and all of those collaborating with it, including us, Sarkozy's France, and the collection of corrupt satrapies in the Gulf, setting their treasure on fire within an hour of any attack.
The old Confederate states were allowed to wall themselves off into separate suffocating satrapies that seemed, when I was a boy, destined to stand forever.
What's Wrong With Benevolence is an extended essay--107 pages--that Stove wrote between February and October 1989, as the Soviet Union's grip on its European satrapies was being broken.
The political moral was that state governors could now rule their satrapies over and against popular or factional, but not presidential, interests: the era of apparatchik governors was dawning.
Imperial power is sustained by the creation of satrapies that accept its economic priorities and strategic control".
The naval base served as the base for transferring the imperial troops to the satrapies in North Africa in case of emergency, as well as controlling the waters of the Persian Gulf.
Instead of describing the Persian satrapies as an effective way of collecting needed tax revenue in one of the largest empires of the ancient world, the Book of Ezra claims that Cyrus was charged by God to allow the Jews to return to Jerusalem and build a Temple.