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a governor of a province in ancient Persia

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The design combined elements of Egyptian, Greek and local art, as is appropriate for the tomb of a satrap of a Hellenised province of the Persian empire.
[GREEK TEXT OMITTED] identifies him as Arrhidaeus, satrap of Hellespontine Phrygia, who did first receive his satrapy at Triparadeisus.(11) But that is only one of several possibilities.
To make matters worse, local members of the satrap's court generally enjoy such misery, if in secret.
What it can do in the given situation at best is to run helter-skelter and become a spoil-sport to thwart the crooked designs of traditional parties and help come up a new government led by any of the regional satraps -- call it Federal Front or Third Party -- but without the major parties, even without their outside support, and therefore incapable of completing even half the term in office.
A move that should certainly become psychologically easier as the brilliant economic management of our world-saving Prime Minister and his Treasury satrap leads the pound to dive to parity with the euro, and quite possibly below.
For control of a province meant control over its soldiers, and a rich province meant that the satrap could recruit more mercenary soldiers.
Born in Sparta (444), the son of Archidamus II of the Eurypontid house; succeeded his brother Agis II after he and Lysander persuaded the citizens to set aside Agis' son Leotychidas (398?); sent to Asia Minor with Lysander (396), and concluded a truce with the satrap Tissaphernes before raiding into Phrygia (central Turkey); raised a force of cavalry, and ravaged both Lydia (east central Turkey) (spring 395) and Phrygia; recalled to Greece (394), he took the overland route and avenged the defeat and death of Lysander with a notable victory over Corinth and her allies at Coronea (fall?
Satrap is a gas purchasing officer for PG&E who was fired, reinstated and demoted last fall and has been associated with an ongoing PG&E investigation into gas purchasing contracts.
His luck finally broke when, lured to the mainland by the envious Oroetes, satrap of Sardis, he was ignominiously crucified.
"For the last one year, he has been behaving like a satrap with even the high command unwilling to disturb him.
It seems to me they were mainly serving the interests of the British Establishment, and now they don't even do that as we have become a satrap of America; so our personnel are being killed and maimed in their wars to protect their interests as they are now in Afghanistan.
Maybe because he's from Australia, a US satrap on the far rim of the American Empire, that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange doesn't know that Washington doesn't allow anyone to steal information unless it orders them to do so.
Mayawati is the other regional satrap, apart from Pawar, who has announced her bid for prime minister.
Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, pushing forward his efforts to bring in Congress and non-BJP parties together, on Sunday met another regional satrap M Karunanidhi and his son M K Stalin of DMK in Chennai.