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(Zen Buddhism) a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment

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SunTree is a quintessential Satori portfolio company," said Sunny Vanderbeck, managing partner of Satori Capital.
Satori Interactive is a boutique, user research & human-centered design organization wholly-owned by two sisters - Fela Smith and Dara Solomon.
The company, which runs daily crossings from Newcastle to Amsterdam, brought across Satori to perform at South Tyneside International Magic Festival, which is organised annually by South Tyneside Council.
Eugene's Satori Bob is an acoustic-electric ensemble centered on the work and vision of singer, guitarist and composer John Baumann.
diving team competing in the upcoming Olympics, runs Camp Satori, and has founded the Greg Louganis Positively Pet Fund, which helps people with HIV/AIDS in North Carolina with their pet needs.
Hayden brings to Satori the experiences and perspective resulting from a highly successful 25-year career with Bristol-Myers Squibb company as well as the insights gained from key roles at a number of smaller, more entrepreneurial pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
The government has collapsed in the face of oil shortages and economic disintegration, and a powerful supercorporation, Satori, calls the shots thanks to its ironclad control of the only remaining food source--seeds genetically engineered to survive the inhospitable environment.
Small group contemplative dialogue retreats use Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton: Aug 29-31, Oct 24-26, Nov 7-9, Dec 2-4, Dec 5-7, Dec 9-11; Merton/Oliver: Poets of the Sacred: Oct 10-12, Nov 18-20; Contemplating Our Sacred Stories: Sep 16-18; Satori, Inner Awakening: Oct 14-16; Dreams & Contemplative Living: Nov 4-6; Thanksgiving Retreat: Nov 23-26; A Contemplative New Year: Dec 30-Jan 1.
SATORI presents a fine novel based on Trevenian's SHIMBUMI, pairs it with a vivid reading by Holter Graham, and provides a fine thriller suitable for any general audio lending library.
CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, February 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Dataupia Corporation today announces the latest version of the Satori Server, its award-winning data warehouse appliance.
San Jose has never had anything like San Pedro Square's Satori Tea Company, with a wall of teas to choose from--one for yourself on the spot, another in a tin as a gift?
Allan Satori, who was until recently owner of the Rocket Club on Broad Street and is still involved in the industry, welcomed the new controls.
TEN years back, when the country's third wine maker, Sula Vineyards, entered the market with a line- up of very basic products -- including a bulk red wine, a Merlot, from Chile bottled in Nashik and sold under the brand name Satori -- no one gave Indian labels much of a chance in a society that swore by whisky.
Current setup: Karl Watson Organika, Satori wheels, Force trucks
Taliban leader Aslam Farooqi has also told people not to wear coloured cloth in Taliban-controlled areas, including Utmankhail, Satori Khail, Mahmoodabad, Bezot Khail, Mashti Maila, Syed Khalil Baba and Sangra.