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(Zen Buddhism) a state of sudden spiritual enlightenment

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Satori Capital is a Texas-based, multi-strategy investment firm founded upon the principles of conscious capitalism.
Satori is a classic zero-day attack, researchers say: an
Despite that, a person claiming ownership over the Satori.
Although Satori Laser initially treated models exclusively and continues to have partnerships with 15 of New York City's top modeling agencies, it has a diverse customer base and treats over 30,000 clients annually.
With Satori, immense amounts of live data streaming at extremely high velocity can be reacted to with ultra-low latency.
For additional information or a sample copy, Contact: Satori Interactive, 5755 North Point Pkwy, Suite 101, Alpharetta, GA 30022, 888-267-5787 - http://www.
Samadhi is the ultimate goal of yoga, satori the ultimate goal of Zen practice.
The company, which runs daily crossings from Newcastle to Amsterdam, brought across Satori to perform at South Tyneside International Magic Festival, which is organised annually by South Tyneside Council.
While this is what every good original metaphor does, Hirshfield seeks especially the feeling of Zen's zenki (dynamic movement) and satori (awakening), if one may be permitted to speak of satori in degree.
The government has collapsed in the face of oil shortages and economic disintegration, and a powerful supercorporation, Satori, calls the shots thanks to its ironclad control of the only remaining food source--seeds genetically engineered to survive the inhospitable environment.
Hayden brings to Satori the experiences and perspective resulting from a highly successful 25-year career with Bristol-Myers Squibb company as well as the insights gained from key roles at a number of smaller, more entrepreneurial pharmaceutical and biotech companies.
Small group contemplative dialogue retreats use Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton: Aug 29-31, Oct 24-26, Nov 7-9, Dec 2-4, Dec 5-7, Dec 9-11; Merton/Oliver: Poets of the Sacred: Oct 10-12, Nov 18-20; Contemplating Our Sacred Stories: Sep 16-18; Satori, Inner Awakening: Oct 14-16; Dreams & Contemplative Living: Nov 4-6; Thanksgiving Retreat: Nov 23-26; A Contemplative New Year: Dec 30-Jan 1.
SATORI presents a fine novel based on Trevenian's SHIMBUMI, pairs it with a vivid reading by Holter Graham, and provides a fine thriller suitable for any general audio lending library.
San Jose has never had anything like San Pedro Square's Satori Tea Company, with a wall of teas to choose from--one for yourself on the spot, another in a tin as a gift?
The daffodil fields have been taken over by the oil giant Gulf, hence the provision of daffodils for charitable good cause of which many have raised thousands over the years - charities like the Paul Satori Foundation based in Haverfordwest.