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Synonyms for satisfyingly

in a gratifying manner


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The motivations, anguish, romance, and drive for revenge and resolution that permeates The Gatekeeper's Sons is satisfyingly diverse.
Considering my 8oz latte was made right in the middle of New Street, it was rich and creamy with a satisfyingly dry, qualitytaste - and comparativelygood value for PS1.
The bus comes to a halt as it tries to climb a steep hill with its heavy load, but it is little Keb who saves the day, satisfyingly proving that 'everyone's useful, no matter how small.
It is a full-flavored, satisfyingly thirst-quenching, 4.
The annotation of the translation includes biographies of historical figures, excerpts from biblical passages cited in the text, and historical events and context, making this a satisfyingly complete and valuable resource.
With their destiny secure, the rest of West Ham's league campaign will now unfold with the satisfyingly preordained tedium of a cricket Test match, as the players dream about their summer holidays and look forward to next season.
The skimpiest slices came courtesy of Waitrose (***) and its satisfyingly chewy texture was spoiled by excessive use of paprika and flavouring.
This is a worthy addition to the historiography of ethnic groups in Australia and includes satisfyingly detailed endnotes but, irritatingly, no bibliography.
A rich dark claret colour with a satisfyingly intense flavour, Twinings Winter Spice contains an evocative blend of traditionally festive spices, including aromatic cloves, warming cinnamon and zesty little apple pieces capturing Christmas in a cup.
The effect is similar, just not as luxurious and satisfyingly rich.
La Grille, Pinot Noir, 2005 is perfumed and plummy, with spicy red fruit, juicy acidity and a satisfyingly earthy tannic twist at the end.
The vehicle is now being made at the rate of 850 a day, and satisfyingly for the firm, most buyers are new to the Nissan brand.
While the story does end satisfyingly, a sequel is due soon: Vampirates: Tide of Terror.
Add a charming romance with some satisfyingly heated exchanges and you too will want to tune in to Back Talk.
Short as each discussion must necessarily be, they are satisfyingly thorough with analyses of concepts, inferences from examples, and comparative considerations of regions and groups.