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any agent capable of producing satisfaction

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They conclude that the questionnaires they've developed are valid and reliable ways of measuring the core stressors and satisfiers of ministry life, and that they could therefore potentially benefit people researching clergy wellness.
Barikbin, "Two-dimensional Bernoulli wavelets with satisfier function in the Ritz--Galerkin method for the time fractional diffusion-wave equation with damping," Mathematical Sciences, vol.
Understanding the fit between an individual and the team becomes crucial because many satisfiers and dissatisfiers may emerge from these interactions.
An analysis of job satisfaction and job satisfier factors among six taxonomies of agricultural education teachers.
If a singular definite description "the F" implies that its denotation is the unique satisfier of "F" (relative to a context) then there are real-life states of affairs that can be described in simple first-order languages, but which one is simply unable to describe accurately in natural language.
This had been identified as a major customer satisfier.
(2008) on construction workforce in Turkey where it is found that that money as one of reward forms seems to be a satisfier and, thus, a motivator.
A satisfier would be to think creatively and "promote" individuals into different roles.
Bearden says BYOD has been a huge student and parent satisfier so far but, she adds, if you are going to make the investment, you have to make sure it is working consistently.
While interactions was an important satisfier for both, convenience was mentioned considerably more often in relationship to the facility.
Which gives the satisfier of that need (the woman) enormous power over the man.
The additional coverage is also a satisfier for patients, their families and other visitors who take comfort in being able to stay connected, especially when a loved one is receiving medical care."
Gender-identity analysis of career satisfier preferences has linked masculinity to status-based satisfiers (which include earnings, prestige and social status, leadership etc.) and femininity to employee relationship (such as working with friendly and congenial people or teamwork) and contribution-to-society satisfiers (such as contributing to society and helping others) (Eddleston and Powell, 2008).
- To describe relationships between selected job satisfier factors (achievement, advancement, recognition, responsibility, and the work itself) and the overall job satisfaction of faculty members.