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Synonyms for satisfice

decide on and pursue a course of action satisfying the minimum requirements to achieve a goal


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Research Expectation 4--Local experts satisfice in deciding how to respond to co-workers' requests for assistance, choosing responses that are sufficient but do not place greater demands on their time than is necessary.
Robust satisficing attempts to satisfice the requirements over the widest range of deviation of reality from the model.
When agencies bump up against the limitations of rational choice, as when they (arbitrarily) pick an aspiration level in order to satisfice under uncertainty, they are acting reasonably, even if not rationally.
The interplay of these two perspectives supports a premise of structural contingency theory: organizations are slow to adapt to changes in the external environment because managers attempting to enact change face an uphill struggle, causing them to satisfice with an acceptable, incremental degree of change.
(29) Some common features of digital reading may make satisficing even worse for digital readers: If digital readers have searched a keyword, for example, they may satisfice by skipping to the next use of that term, a use that may not appear until several pages later.
psychic energy spent on search, subject to the need to satisfice on a
While distinguished economists such as Friedman (1953) argued that maximization was a feasible assumption as long as it contributed to predictive accuracy, equally distinguished behavioral scientists such as Simon (1959) decried the lack of empirical support for the assumption and argued that consumers, like other economic actors, are content to achieve a satisfactory rather than a maximal level of return for their efforts (i.e., to satisfice).
He or she is not able to optimize like the economic man or not even able to satisfice like the administrative man as long as he or she does not have an aspiration level.
Finally, the experiment shows that revisions within a period are more likely to be undertaken by those who do not satisfice at first attempt, and that most of the revisions concern profit aspirations.
They are willing to satisfice, or accept that their usage strategies are not sophisticated, but are sufficient to get the job done.
Pursuing prestige through research poses a tension with teaching obligations, and so faculty tend to "satisfice" (p.
The tit-for-tat strategy may be viewed as an agent content to satisfice but not content to be a sucker.
(39) Yet, women tend to be more willing to accept this inequity and satisfice or compromise by taking a lower level position or a part time position.
While they satisfice the most critical pressures of the institutional environment to ensure survival, once those pressures have been complied with, he/she diverts attention to other aspects of the institutional environment to achieve growth goals and aspirations (Greve 2003, March/Shapira 1992).