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Synonyms for satisfice

decide on and pursue a course of action satisfying the minimum requirements to achieve a goal


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Research Expectation 4--Local experts satisfice in deciding how to respond to co-workers' requests for assistance, choosing responses that are sufficient but do not place greater demands on their time than is necessary.
The interplay of these two perspectives supports a premise of structural contingency theory: organizations are slow to adapt to changes in the external environment because managers attempting to enact change face an uphill struggle, causing them to satisfice with an acceptable, incremental degree of change.
Some common features of digital reading may make satisficing even worse for digital readers: If digital readers have searched a keyword, for example, they may satisfice by skipping to the next use of that term, a use that may not appear until several pages later.
While the economic man maximizes, the administrative man satisfices, i.
But within groups that are generally not innovative (like seniors) and who face barriers to adoption, there are nevertheless motivated consumers who desire to adopt and use new technologies, even if they struggle, satisfice and get help from others.
The tit-for-tat strategy may be viewed as an agent content to satisfice but not content to be a sucker.
39) Yet, women tend to be more willing to accept this inequity and satisfice or compromise by taking a lower level position or a part time position.
While they satisfice the most critical pressures of the institutional environment to ensure survival, once those pressures have been complied with, he/she diverts attention to other aspects of the institutional environment to achieve growth goals and aspirations (Greve 2003, March/Shapira 1992).
When you satisfice, you don't let an impossible quest for the perfect destroy your enjoyment of the good.
Our experience is that too many marketers satisfice (that's a combination of satisfy and sacrifice), by not trying to maximize each part of the marketing mix.
What can be attempted is to satisfice the profit--guarantee adequate reward--and maximize the robustness to the information-gaps which surround [mu].
Due to the uncertainty of keeping a mutual understanding intact while moving through the more dangerous larger risks, the players satisfice on a less than optimal outcome.
Knowledge workers--whether managers or administrators or researchers--need substantial information input to perform satisfactorily, but when the amount of time devoted to that function approaches 20%, knowledge workers appear to begin to satisfice.
Herbert Simon (1957), in noting that decision makers satisfice or act on incomplete information, believed that better information would result in optimal decisions.