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capable of being sated


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This set contains 200 satisfiable randomly generated instances through model RB and considered hard to solve according to the [kappa] criterion [25].
If all assignments of variables cannot satisfy the clause, it means that there is no satisfiable solution; or it means that there is at least one satisfiable solution.
Konan (2013) suggested that persons with internal locus of control are extra satisfiable and relaxed with circumstances that give the chance for own control.
The existence of limits to growth means that 'liberal democratic political institutions are and will be confronted with a need to reconcile a growing number of momentarily satisfiable desires with [a] decreasing number of opportunities for desire satisfaction' (Wissenburg, 1998: 2).
Given a sequential system, SAT based Bounded Model Checking (BMC) [15] builds a propositional formula that is satisfiable iff there is a path from I to T of bounded length k .
The north--south rivalry in Germany in the late 1800s was not only a debate between the haves in Huningen and the have-nots in the north, but also between the easily satisfiable Bavaria and the insatiable Prussia.
Clearly, F is not 1-in-3 satisfiable if it includes a 1-clause.
If the clauses are not satisfiable, then we move on to the next choice.
This essay will show that this combination of principles is satisfiable (and nontrivially so) and that the principles are jointly satisfied if and only if rational belief is equivalent to the assignment of a stably high rational degree of belief.
Any value of [g.sub.2] is satisfiable. [g.sub.2] only determines the rate of convergence [] after the transient ([t.sub.x]).
A Boolean formula is called satisfiable if the variables of this given formula can be assigned in such a way as to make the formula evaluate to TRUE (3).
Through the minimization of the MAD in SRS between the reconstructed and reference pyroshocks, 19.85% was achieved in terms of the average of the MADs over the four points, which was a satisfiable value because the ballistic pyroshock measurement experiments using the actual explosives showed to be 19.6% in the average of MADs over the four points.
We can see that an obtained SAT instance is satisfiable if and only if G admits a k-L(2,1)-labeling.
Finally, Lines 18-24 are checking if the determined schedule is satisfiable.