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Synonyms for satisfactory

Synonyms for satisfactory

being what is needed without being in excess

serving to convince

Synonyms for satisfactory

giving satisfaction

meeting requirements


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The situation with the present volume of production orders is less satisfactory compared to the previous month.
The interpretation of assessment test Sargent for men (Dal Monte, 1988) Mark Age 15-20 ani 20-30 ani 30-40 ani Weak <113 <106 <85 Satisfactory 113-149 106-139 85-111 Mediu 150-187 140-175 112-140 Well 188-224 176-250 141-168 Very good >224 >210 >168
Headteacher Kirsty Reilly "shouldered a heavy burden during the recent staff turbulence" but, with the governing body, has "managed staff performance to eradicate inadequate teaching and learning and to improve more satisfactory teaching to good".
If you look at previous chief inspectors' reports going back many years now, it says roughly the same thing - that satisfactory is not good enough.
A total of 548,263 pupils are taught in satisfactory or better schools with 119,188 in the other 19%.
When the emergency time of the jth resource is less than or equal to d, the satisfactory degree is 1.
Inspectors added that pupils have made satisfactory progress in recent years, with improvements to teaching and learning meaning that standards are rising, although they remain below average by the end of Year 6.
The indicators rated very satisfactory were ICT system's adjustment to the existing system of the university (3.
But headteachers' leaders have attacked the idea of targeting satisfactory schools with extra visits.
In a December report, GAO said the department should ensure "that award-fee structures are motivating excellent contractor performance by only paying award fees for above satisfactory performance.
Inspectors said standards in English, maths and science were still below average but the school is improving and providing a satisfactory education.
Comparing the Big 5 to the non-Big-5 firms indicated that new hires demonstrated a more satisfactory initial performance in the Big 5.
This permitted easy filling and feeding of the legs and induced a satisfactory freezing pattern.
For operations evaluated in FY98-99, 81 percent of funds lent and 93 percent of funds lent for adjustment were in operations rated satisfactory or better by OED.
The man's voice improved initially and remained satisfactory for 2 years.