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Synonyms for satisfactory

Synonyms for satisfactory

being what is needed without being in excess

serving to convince

Synonyms for satisfactory

giving satisfaction

meeting requirements


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Headteacher Kirsty Reilly "shouldered a heavy burden during the recent staff turbulence" but, with the governing body, has "managed staff performance to eradicate inadequate teaching and learning and to improve more satisfactory teaching to good".
The report also revealed that of the 57 private schools assessed since October 2015, six have been ranked 'excellent', seven 'good', 26 'satisfactory' and 18 'inadequate.
The promotion of local business linkages, the involvement of women and youth in municipal decision-making and telephone services are rated as "moderately satisfactory", with an index of around 4/10.
At the state government level meanwhile, the National Audit Department had carried out financial management auditing (Accountability Index) at 116 Ministries/State Departments where 45 Ministries/State Departments achieved excellent results, 47 had good results, 17 had satisfactory results while two had unsatisfactory results.
In comparison, the report said that nearly 82% of the 13 council-owned corporate offices were satisfactory and a further 8.12% were good.
He also visited the hospital inside the prison and termed cleanliness and facilities available there satisfactory.He also visited the Jail Factory and directed the Superintendent Jail for the resolution of problems faced by it.
According to the poll of the State Statistical Office, the economic situation of companies in May 2014 was more satisfactory than in the previous month.
The annual Increment (AI) is to increase the employee's salary in the first of January following the completion of a year from the date of his appointment or from the previous AI due date at the rate of one step within the grade occupied by the employee in recognition of his satisfactory performance and behavior, the employee salary including this increment must not exceed the maximum rate in the grade.
One student modified his grade from weak to satisfactory.
According to the data from the State Statistical Office, the managers of the business entities engaged in construction assessed that the business situation in the fourth quarter of 2012 is less satisfactory compared to the previous one, but more satisfactory compared to the same quarter of the previous year.
A BILLINGHAM children's centre has been judged to be "satisfactory" by education watchdog Ofsted.
Mahesh, who has written to Gadkari over corruption issue, said that he has not received satisfactory response from the BJP President.
Ofsted bosses claim the satisfactory grade should never have been anything more than a staging post on the way to being good or outstanding.
But proposals to scrap the "satisfactory" grade were given the go-ahead and are likely to upset headteachers' unions as it is likely to leave more schools in special measures.