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a humorist who uses ridicule and irony and sarcasm

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Christopher Klim is that rare talent who brings characters and stories that resonate with the working class and excite the sensibilities of literary connoisseurs," says Robert Gover, popular satirist of One Hundred Dollar Misunderstanding.
During a remarkable streak from 1940 to '45, which included the much-acclaimed ``Sullivan's Travels,'' the writer-director landed the title as Hollywood's most brilliant satirist and an Academy Award in 1940 for the screenplay for ``The Great McGinty.
He's a satirist, of course, and the target here is the obvious but always deserving one of bad mass media.
Political satirist and musical comedian Dave Werner will entertain the audience at dinner, which starts at 6 p.
But he didn't hit his cinematic stride until the early 1940s, when he earned a reputation as a superb social satirist with a string of classics.
Huntsman, one of the chemical industry's most respected executives, and nationally known author and political satirist P.
The best-selling musical comedy production stars Kelsey Grammer, John Goodman, Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, and political satirist Harry Shearer, who also co-authored (with Tom Leopold and Peter Matz).
Best-known as a savage political satirist, Scarfe makes the most of the Dorothy Chandler's massive canvas, filling it with richly saturated Froot Loops colors, psychedelic rear-screen projections and a bestiary of whimsical creatures such as a half-baboon, half-tiger and a tottering penguin with a crocodile's head.
The best-selling author/political satirist reports he'll let us know with his next tome.
Kliban was an accomplished satirist who made his living as a freelance cartoonist until, in 1975, he hit it big with the publication of his first feline book, "Cat.
The 45-year-old Scottish-born satirist said: "I can only assume I've been asked because George Bush, Tony Blair, Prince Charles and Michael Howard are busy.
Further, were Stern a performer on the order of the late Lenny Bruce, the brilliant, four-letter-word satirist, he would be ardently supported in the toniest of salons.
Tory MP Ann Widdecombe and satirist John O'Farrell try to discover the truth.
com), National Public Radio's Southern California flagship station, including "Morning Becomes Eclectic," which showcases live recordings of in-studio performances by independent and unsigned artists and the popular "Le Show" with satirist Harry Shearer.