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A shameful irony well expressed by Gamzatov, "Whoever satirises his country, is like those who satirise their mothers."
Andrew Waters, a music production student at The Performance Academy, said: "As well as encouraging all our guests to enjoy the experience of a live art event, we also aim to highlight and satirise the barriers that exist in everyday life around arts and entertainment events.
The show - still in the casting stage - claims to "satirise the frenetic on-screen world which is not just about the news anymore.
Ofcom noted the show was "offensive to some" but said its "effect was to satirise modern fame and the culture of celebrity".
Serena Partridge creates caricatures which satirise the extravagances of centuries past and today at 2pm she will be talking about her work which is on display from January 12 until February 10 at the Ruthin Craft Centre Her touring exhibition 'Cabinets of Curiosity' uses a mix of materials to make detailed miniature accessories - boots, stockings, purses - which mix and match the historical periods.
The Blackadder star warned the measure - in the Serious Organised Crime Bill - could be used against writers and actors who satirise religious figures or joke about faiths.