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Synonyms for satirical

Synonyms for satirical

contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit

Synonyms for satirical

exposing human folly to ridicule


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Later he composed biting and satirical works sharply criticizing all aspects of the social order.
Additional comedy is provided by the series' satirical take on telenovela culture's overacting or passionate and lugubrious excesses.
President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon sent a telegram of condolences on Thursday to President of France Francois Hollande regarding the terrorist attacks against Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris.
Power of the tire in Lebanon Power of the tire is a satirical piece depicting the current political and economical situation in Lebanon.
Diversions And Other Political Observations by award winning cartoonist Ed Hall is a radical collection of satirical political drawings and cartoons.
Jason, however, sees their new religion as a satirical poke at Catholicism, and about as meaningless as he has decided Catholicism is.
In a satirical piece for the local Spokesman-Review, columnist Doug Clark defended the officers against vice charges.
In the latter half of the book, Voodoomation becomes less fable-like and more satirical, bordering on the essay, as in the story "Slithera" which is fraught with snake imagery and ironies in which Linton turns trite phrases like "snake in the grass" and "fish out of water" into poignant musings.
Using digital video to shoot all four segments simultaneously in real time, Time Code offers a mildly satirical glimpse into the daily human comedy of the industry.
SATIRICAL series The 11 O'clock Show was slammed yesterday for branding Irish people "double-crossing pissed-up potato munchers" and "gun-toting savage Micks".
Huckleberry Finn is a Menippean satire, a form which, in the words of Northrop Frye," deals less with people as people as such than with mental attitudes," and "presents us with a vision of the world in terms of a single intellectual pattern." This pattern, insists the author, is "slavery, with its concomitant Southern response, ambivalence." So conceived, Jim is absolutely central to the book, and (except for Huck, who by degrees outgrows his racist assumptions) the other characters exist to embody "a world that has not gone beyond racism." Even when Jim is conspicuously absent from the narrative, his presence is felt on every page, and his plight gives satirical bite to otherwise disconnected episodes.
Indeed, Charlier's La surface de l'art, a work realized in 1997 by cleaning a rectangular patch of the Casino's facade (making it look as if a painting had just been removed), suggests a devotion to satirical explorations of the ways in which images accrue meaning - putting him squarely in the tradition of compatriot Marcel Broodthaers, with whom he rubbed elbows in the late '60s.
Digitalbox PLC (LON:DBOX), the owner of satirical news website The Daily Mash, has agreed a partnership with UK comedy video platform NextUp that will bring in new ad revenues.
The master himself, TV personality, writer and journalist Ian Hislop - alongside British Museum curator Tom Hockenhull - are launching a new exhibition of satirical prints.
Summary: Kathmandu [Nepal], Jun 13 (ANI): A stand-up comedian has been kept behind the bars for nearly a week in Nepal after he posted a satirical review of a film on a social media platform, raising questions over freedom of expression in the Himalayan nation.