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Synonyms for satiric

contemptuous or ironic in manner or wit

Synonyms for satiric

exposing human folly to ridicule


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BEIRUT: Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Joumblatt Sunday threatened to sue local TV station Al Jadeed over a satiric sketch that he claimed was an attack on his person.
Satiric Acid (A.s) semiconductor nanoparticles were prepared by Chemical synthesis method The molecular weight is 223.2, melting point 888[degrees]C Satiric Acid (A.s) semiconductor nanoparticles were prepared by Chemical synthesis method.
This satiric novella by a rising Swiss talent vividly narrates the experiences of Preising, a filthy rich industrialist unwittingly controlled by his assistant.
Commenting on the radio show "Hihiruku" banned two weeks ago, Erol Rizaov in Utrinski vesnik is glad to say that the cult satiric and most listened to show will now return on Radio Skopje, probably after the massive outpour of comments and criticisms of readers and listeners.
Of course, Hill has been resident in the Midlands for a few decades, but he has lost none of his satiric American wit.
The ultimate critical realization or decision that fantasy is at the core of satire--perhaps Frye's most important contribution to the study--is in fact directly consequent to this transubstantiation of satiric acid from reductive to aesthetic.
Reiger, Gabriel A., Sex and Satiric Tragedy in Early Modern England: Penetrating Wit (Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama), Farnham, Ashgate, 2009; hardback; pp.
Rieger (medieval and Renaissance literature, Concord College) examines the use of sexual imagery in satiric tragedies of Early Modern England.
Elices approaches Boyd's writing with the intention of dismantling its peculiar satiric discourse.
"Moses the Heretic" manages to be both spiritual and satiric of modern day religion, a delightful blend to please readers of any faith.
Engstrom demonstrates how the standard American government class can benefit from international and comparative examples, and Brown and Paul discuss their success in improving their teaching in a course on interest groups by assigning and discussing a highly satiric novel.
The chapter on 'Satiric Nationalism', with its treatments of Swift, Voltaire, and Montesquieu, for instance enlarges one's ideas about generalizing and the reflections cast by elsewhere on one's ways of life.
Paul and Minneapolis, is known for its satiric bite, and the paper's annual "Best of the Twin Cities" issue always includes a joke entry among the actual raves and reviews.
This professional storyteller perfectly captures Vonnegut's wry, ironic, satiric tone.