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Synonyms for satiny

smooth and lustrous as if polished

Synonyms for satiny

having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light

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Off dry with a gentle touch of sweetness, it's reasonably weighty with a silky, satiny texture.
Garner opted to wear a dusty pink mini dress with long sleeves, smart side pockets and a satiny finish.
Then, there was winter bondage for her, underneath puffer jackets, and office bondage for him and her, with the back of suit jackets held together with O-rings, showing off colorful satiny prints.
Or for a more pigmented, satiny shine (a bit Kendall Jenner, left, at NY fashion week), we're totally on board with Bourjois Rouge Fabuleux, PS8.99, especially the Cindered-lla shade.
Continue until satiny peaks begin to form; gradually beat in sugar a tablespoon at a time until meringue is stiff and shiny.
The verdict: "I like the way this looks on - smooth and satiny. It's also super-easy to apply - great on the go.
A scintillating halo, tempered with delicacy by the satiny natural pearls.
The result was a satiny, sumptuous leche flan, worthy to be served in any town fiesta and family gathering.
With kiwi extract and vitamin E, this cream provides a light to medium coverage with a soft, satiny finish.
"With the exception of satiny mint green scatter cushions, the lushly layered bedding is very much a rich, creamy tone-on-tone affair with a fluffy, flokati-inspired throw stealing the show.
Assi's daughter, Linda, who is four and dressed, as ever, in a satiny Sunday dress, lies in the dirt yard on her back.
Its latest release is high quality foamers with new Fancy and Satiny actuator designs, which are manufactured by Albea Alkmaar, The Netherlands.
Elitist Mineral Shadow makes your peepers shimmery and satiny with this long-lasting, non-streaking magic dust.
EVER wondered how the Duchess of Cambridge keeps her skin looking satiny smooth?