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a fabric with a finish resembling satin but made partly or wholly from cotton or synthetic fiber

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"Pluriel is a new version of an old idea," said Citroen managing director Claude Satinet at the launch.
The Barton brothers were energetic men," who built a saw mill and a grist mill, "part of which was after a short time utilized as a satinet manufactory."
Sister company Citroen expects to take a larger market share next year, said Citroen chief Claude Satinet, partly helped by its new Citroen C4 mid-sized model.
PSA's Citroen business expects its market share to grow in 2005, said Mr Satinet.
Citroen head Claude Satinet said that, while the brand had managed to prop up sales amid market gloom, profits were a different story thanks to the strong euro.
This year, Citroen managing director Claude Satinet said he expects western Europe's car market to shrink by about one per cent.
"It is clear that a fulange manufacturer cannot be absent from this segment," said Mr Claude Satinet, managing director of Automobiles Citroen.
It was tested and pronounced strong and of good quality, fit to be woven into sheets, gingham, stockings, satinets and shirtings, all of which had been imported from Europe.
But the business principle was the same: figured silks and satins, superfine cassimeres, and merino woolens alongside negro cloth, kerseys, and cheap satinets.(40) Up in New York, Edney simultaneously devoted his manufacturing energies to making up and shipping in the same week overcoats of expensive "drab" wool - to sell for "no less than $25" - and an assortment of "negroe" pants and vests, though of a "finer" grade.