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a weave in which the filling and warp threads intersect in such a way as to give a smooth compact surface with no distinguishable twill line

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These include smooth and silky type lining materials that are paper-thin and virtually weightless, made from silk, polyester, rayon, acetate, sometimes cotton and viscose fabrics in plain, twill or satin weaves. These are the types of fabrics typically sold as "apparel linings" in fabric stores.
The SE values of the plain weave fabric (S1, S2, S3), the twill weave fabric (S4, S5, S6), and the satin weave fabric (S7, S8, S9) are within different levels.
A similar process takes place in the case of a satin weave (Figure 5b).
The collection comprises four designs in a satin weave using cut-technique which gives the curtains fascinating light-and-shade effects and a semi-transparent look.
DKNY canvas with wrist strap, pounds 35, House of Fraser# PVC 'Mrs Beckham' purse, pounds 45, House of Fraser# Fendi black satin weave bag, pounds 365, Cruise# Pink beaded bag, pounds 25, John Lewis# Prada pink satin with lizard handle, pounds 240, Cruise# Coffee satin bag with flowers, pounds 18, John Lewis
An 8-harness (or end) satin weave has one fill line under seven and over one warp yarns.
It is available in plain weave and 8-harness satin weave.
When short-staple fibers, such as cotton, are woven using a satin weave, the fabric is called sateen.
Satin weave The most luxurious and also the most fragile weave.
On Reflection, our windowpane dobby, we use a satin weave which makes the fabric shiny."
Flaxland have made a total of 7 prototypes so far, using both the Biotex Flax Hopsack and Biotex 3H Satin weaves. The Hopsack version offers a resilient and durable canoe which has a net weight of just less than 12Kg and the Satin version gives a lighter weight option, at just 8Kg, for racing.
Textural surface interest is found in Fragmented Pucker in a stone colorway and Corrugated Weave in satin weaves incorporating a subtle slub.
Twintex is available as basic rovings or in plain, twill, or satin weaves, and in unidirectional, oriented, and three-dimensional fabrics.