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flat stitches worked so closely as to resemble satin

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Glass beads on dark-colored velvet, satin stitch technique, sewn with commercial cotton thread.
In episode #110, "Satin Stitch," Wilson wore her great-grandmother's skirt, which she stated came from the Paris Exhibition of 1851 and was decorated with padded satin stitch in silks and cottons.
The stitches that they had previously been introduced to included the satin stitch and the couching stitch.
Niki Moser's and Kim Ponick's embroidered scenes of the Gulf War, Cover-Up Quilt, 1991, worked in color in a relatively quick, rough satin stitch, possess an urgency absent from Whiten's embroideries.
Use the satin stitch for centers of the outline flowers.
Many digitizers choose a satin stitch as the finishing line.
Use a short zigzag stitch length to create a satin stitch, often used for applique (3).
Each class period, a new stitch (blanket stitch, satin stitch and the chain stitch) was presented and practiced.
If using a standard sewing machine, select a 4mm-wide satin stitch and thread the machine with metallic thread on a vertical spool pin.
Luxurious satin stitch embroidery patterns Tranquil Loop and Cord plus Pearls and Pearl Strands use 460-thread count percale.
Using a coordinating thread color, satin stitch the motif perimeter.
Since its inception, the company has been selling jacquards and fine satin stitch embroidery in classic and contemporary designed bedding and table linens; products that are growing significantly, both financially and in popularity, at retail.
Return the hoop to the machine, and then embroider step three to satin stitch around the eye shape (B).
Using 3 strands of black embroidery floss, embroider the eyes and nose using a satin stitch and the mouth using a stem stitch (2).
Use a satin stitch and 2 strands of yellow floss to stitch the flower centers.