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Synonyms for satiated

supplied (especially fed) to satisfaction


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(3) In studies comparing high-fat foods to high-carbohydrate foods, results show that greater consumption of high-fat foods yields higher instances of obesity and overweightness, suggesting that greater caloric intake is required to feel satiated from high-fat foods.
For those observing fasts during the holy month of Ramzan, it will help to start a day with a heavy and nutritious meal so that the body feels satiated for the remaining day, suggest experts.
The volunteers reported feeling more full or satiated after a meal with the whey (with or without calcium) than after a meal with the soy or control powder.
We live in a country ruled by the rich, not a true democracy But a cruel plutocracy with the poor kept firmly in their place; The middle class politically placated and the rich their greed satiated, Deliberate political social engineering by a government.
Only they do need to realise that ambition is a drug and the appetite for success can never be satiated.
2 Fibre-filled - Dietary fibre supports healthy bowel movements and keeps you feeling satiated longer.
Leather-bound albums covered with a thin layer of dust, with labels showing the year and location, which had been fastidiously pasted on and had now been faded by time, contained scenes from Israeli life with the dark-complexioned Levavi children, and all of this was punctuated by events from his career: There is Levavi in a frock coat shaking hands with a Cardinal; there he is next to a Monsieur with the Most Noble Order of the Garter or some Legion of Honor badge; here we have a reception in honor of a foreign affairs minister; and there is the face of a tribal bigwigwith the eyes of a satiated boa constrictor but wearing a coat entirely appropriate for the occasion.
As a result, they became satiated at a faster rate.
Whoever is satiated with oranges, has less appetite for orange juice," Schwabe said.
SAEF also created significantly greater textural force (a property that makes one feel satiated after eating solid food) during simulated gastric digestion than cereal bars containing an equal concentration of glucomannan.
They say foreign mobile operators will not be interested in entering the market, which is already satiated, as two of the three operators operate at a loss.
Your consumer should be enticed by the aroma and Jail in love with the first sip, leading to a great cup of flavored co[lee that does not leave them satiated. They should be left with a feeling of excitement in anticipation of their next cup of your delicious flavored coffee.
Well, if he's as adventurous as the old Chilean envoy, Romer will find a lot to keep him satiated.
After the 40-day treatments, the condition index and the total hemocyte count (THC) decreased significantly in the starved group compared with the satiated and initial control groups.