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Rats were trained either sated or hungry in a simple three-event series of sucrose rewards in which the first series trial always resulted in a 4% sucrose solution, the second trial a 32% solution, and the third trial nonreward (4-32-0).
Included for a random 1/2 of both sated and hungry animals, immediately after training day was a 1-hr access to a bottle, which replaced the water bottle on the home cage, containing on alternating days, 40 ml of either 4% or 32% sucrose solution.
Plotted in Figure 1 are the average transformed running times for both hungry and sated rats on Day 32, the last day of training with 4-32-0, and Day 33, the first day of the transfer test with 32-4-0.
The small molecule Growth Blocker produces the same result by a different mechanism - we believe this validates our research approach, sated Dr.
This system-wide modernization moves Weyerhaeuser closer to its ultimate vision, one that includes manufacturing facilities operating in harmony with their environments," sated Richard C.
By summer, Weyerhaeuser will have the system-wide capability of producing elemental chlorine-free products in all eight of its bleached kraft mills," sated Gozon.
WinStar further sated that, although the agreement is non-exclusive, the terms of the three-year agreement provide for the supply by P-Com of a sufficient number of radios to enable WinStar to meet its planned objectives during the period of the agreement.