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luggage consisting of a small case with a flat bottom and (usually) a shoulder strap

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Come, now, take yourselves off, like good boys and girls," he said; and the whole assemblage, dark and light, disappeared through a door into a large verandah, followed by Eva, who carried a large satchel, which she had been filling with apples, nuts, candy, ribbons, laces, and toys of every description, during her whole homeward journey.
I waited for a few minutes, till I was sure that no passers-by could see me, and then crept under the sidewalk and lay for the night upon the ground, with my satchel of clothing for a pillow.
Everything that I possessed was in a small hand satchel.
A smart guard jumped out, giving a whistle, and after him one by one the impatient passengers began to get down: an officer of the guards, holding himself erect, and looking severely about him; a nimble little merchant with a satchel, smiling gaily; a peasant with a sack over his shoulder.
He found, for instance, that the business of carrying satchels for railroad passengers was a pre-empted one--whenever he essayed it, eight or ten men and boys would fall upon him and force him to run for his life.
He had a trunk, two small satchels, and an umbrella.
He came to the gardens of the Luxembourg: children were playing, nurses with long ribbons walked slowly two by two, busy men passed through with satchels under their arms, youths strangely dressed.
In the room next their bedroom there was a confusion of sabers, satchels, sabretaches, open portmanteaus, and dirty boots.
It is a picture, and I can see it now,--the jagged edges of the hole in the side of the cabin, through which the grey fog swirled and eddied; the empty upholstered seats, littered with all the evidences of sudden flight, such as packages, hand satchels, umbrellas, and wraps; the stout gentleman who had been reading my essay, encased in cork and canvas, the magazine still in his hand, and asking me with monotonous insistence if I thought there was any danger; the red-faced man, stumping gallantly around on his artificial legs and buckling life-preservers on all corners; and finally, the screaming bedlam of women.
A single basket to the front can carry a postman~~s satchel and two carriers at the rear can carry two panniers which can accommodate two further satchels.
com/research/3zt8br/global_satchel) has announced the addition of the "Global Satchel and Saddle Bags Market 2015-2019" report to their offering.
INDIAN RIDGE was the most potent son at stud of Ahonoora - after whom the final-day feature at Galway is named - and the Irish National Stud's late stalwart features as the maternal grandsire of three of the field - Beau Satchel, Hidden Oasis and Jack's Revenge - in this €100,000 event.
BEAU SATCHEL can notch up his second victory of the week in the valuable Irish Stallion Farms EBF Ahonoora Handicap at Galway this afternoon.
The Cambridge Satchel Company's satchels are always cute but they're irresistible in pink, from PS108-PS130, www.
The Cambridge |Satchel Company's satchels are always cute but they're irresistible in pink, from PS108-PS130, www.