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I love adolescents--the intensity, the exuberance, the screaming laughter, the sassiness, the stubborness, but also the shyness, the awkwardness, the anxiety, the self-doubt, the demands, the sulking, the expectation of fairness, the outrage at injustice and being denied.
As she travels the world, spreading her sassiness, Noire has noted divergent attitudes towards nudity.
And yet, the slippery sassiness of this collection, in its confidence, conviction and fearlessness, is an overall virtue.
She embodies the sassiness and anger of the Sapphire, spewing obscenities and emasculating anyone who gets in her way.
With her red locks piled on top of her head and white boxing boots accentuating her year-round orange hue, the 22-year-old model managed to add a touch of her signature sassiness to the boxing-themed shoot.
Mood-lites was based on this research, and included basic colors that equate to moods for tranquility, serenity, renewal, passion, sassiness, happiness, energy and creativity.
Two women who barely register on adland's Universal Sassiness Scale lack the intellectual dynamism to choose a chocolate bar, presumably as their husbands aren't there to help.
For me, I think that the sexiness and sassiness is a part of my cards, but I think over time people have started to see, 'Oh there's more to that, it's quite interesting and very layered and dimensional and, yeah, 'she's not hard on the eyes'," said Perry.
Women just love Gabby's sassiness, and we've even had a few men ask about her," said Drake.
The slightly rolled r's of Laurie Carlos, the doe-eyed innocence of Janet League, the vixen sassiness of Aku Kadogo, the beninoise stature of Rise Collins and the gravitas of Trezana Beverley.
One of the things that I believe I inherited from Mgran is her uncompromising sassiness.
She registered a sensation that included both fear and sassiness.
They were the usual ones -- too classic and lacking the sassiness and creativity that we wanted.
The most notable characteristic of Sapphire is her sassiness which is exceeded only by her verbosity.