sassafras tree

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yellowwood tree with brittle wood and aromatic leaves and bark

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Skyline Drive has been named one of the top 10 scenic mountain drives in the United States; the drive will introduce you to the rich yellow and orange hickories, deep purple dogwoods, bright red Virginia creeper vines, buttery yellow scarlet oak, red maples, sumac, locust and sassafras trees that melt into each other as though it's a mere painting.
We quickly filled our buckets, then headed south through the stand of sassafras trees toward the little freshwater creek than runs through our place.
These drinks have been made from the abundant supply of black birch and sassafras trees in Pennsylvania forests for centuries.
His first hint that a new land was near was the scent of sassafras trees wafting out to sea and picked up by his crew's noses.
Young sassafras trees offer us fresh lemon-lime scented leaves and three different leaf shapes to investigate.
And EastEnders soap star and Carry On movies actress Barbara Windsor joined forces with the late comic Frankie Howerd for the premiere of The Wind In The Sassafras Trees in 1968.
Marine fragrance has been produced from safrole extracted from sassafras trees grown in southern China and Vietnam.
A precise and long draw down the left side around two large sassafras trees will be rewarded with a good view of the large and undulating green.
Evidence turned out to be unhelpful for Drug Enforcement Administration agents who asked Wiedenhoeft to assist with a case against a man caught with materials for making the drug Ecstasy from roots of sassafras trees. The man had a bag of roots he'd thought were sassafras, but Wiedenhoeft found they weren't from that tree or any other.
While the majority of Sassafras trees are medium in size, the species grows taller in the South, where it can top 100 feet, with diameters of 3 to 6 feet.
Peonies, lilies, phlox, daffodils and 50-year-old tea roses were just a few of the blossoms bursting in color under towering sassafras trees. Our quarters in the main building were super-comfy, with a wicker furnished sun room that overlooked Sandy Bay and an adjoining bedroom decorated in antiques.
Then an archeologist discovered that maple, hickory, oak, and sassafras trees used to grow on the Boston Harbor Islands when Native Americans lived there.