sassafras oil

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oil from root bark of sassafras trees

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1 kg of heroin, 1,378 ecstasy tablets, 565 grams of cocaine, 600 liters (557 kg equivalent) of sassafras oil, 3.
The jungles of the Cardamoms are among the least explored, most species-rich and intact natural habitats in the region, and although the damage caused by the gangs running the illegal sassafras oil distilleries is relatively small, it's still significant when one considers the importance of these forests for the conservation of biodiversity.
This venture was not a risky hunt for gold or precious stones but rather a prudent investment in sassafras oil.
9 tons of sassafras oil, and 12,864,000 pills for treating influenza that contain 771.
Perhaps unusually, the main threat to the tree doesn't come from logging for its wood, but for its roots, which are distilled to produce sassafras oil, or safrole.
Sassafras oil is distilled from the tree's roots and is used as a perfume in soaps and an ingredient in medicine.
At one time, the production of sassafras oil was a thriving, if local, industry, particularly in Virginia and the Carolinas.
Furthering these inconsistencies was the announcement days later of an "Ecstasy Lab" outside of Conakry that was alleged to contain large amounts of sassafras oil (used in the manufacture of the drug).