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a large South African antelope

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It was not that long ago that a lot of chain drug retailers wanted to keep kids out of their stores because they were worried about shoplifting and a disruptive environment," says Don Pettit, president of jane by Sassaby.
s Bonne Bell, jane by Sassaby and other brands that appeal to teens are grouped together to make it easier for teenage consumers to shop the store.
Culturally, today's teenage girls have a sense of their own importance that we have never seen before," says Don Pettit, senior vice president of jane by Sassaby, the teen cosmetics company recently acquired by Estee Lauder Inc.
Jane by Sassaby is about to roll out a new advertising program.
Lipshifters, a jane by Sassaby product that adjusts the shades of lipsticks.
It is a way they can express themselves and have fun in a culturally acceptable fashion," says Don Pettit, senior vice president of jane by Sassaby.
its new owner), Sassaby is expected to add television to its mix, although the company has not made its plans public.