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Synonyms for sass

to utter an impertinent rejoinder

Synonyms for sass

answer back in an impudent or insolent manner

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Created for dog lovers by dog lovers, Everyday Dog Magazine welcomes freelance writers to submit article ideas to Laura Rennie, the Publications Manager for Sass Studios.
According to Sass, dark chocolate contains natural substances that help open up circulation.
The family said they later found out that the wound was the result of an incident that happened 15 months previously, in which Mrs Sass suffered a cut to her leg.
It's an episode that illustrates just how well the Dubai branch of Sass Cafe has done to replicate the glamour of its Monaco-based counterpart.
With beautiful wordsmithery and imagery, a touch of mystery, and a dreamlike romance, Hickman delivers her story by slowly acquainting readers with the secrets in Alex's and Sass's lives.
"SURECrate was developed as a protective packaging application for our VBoard line of 100% recycled, laminated paperboard when a customer asked us to figure out how to eliminate wood crates from their packing program," says Sass.
Sass, a well-known value investor who manages more than $7 billion in assets, says key drivers of the bull market in stocks, including price/earnings (P/E) multiple expansion and monetary easing in the U.S., are over, leaving earnings as the key determinant for stock prices next week.
Sass is a retired ophthalmologist who provided specialized eye and vision care to generations of Niagara Falls area residents and Memorial Medical Center patients.
Anthony Puddu, operations manager : Sass Cafe Dubai offers what very few places can.
In the viral video, host Steve Harvey revealed to Anna that her family already has 182 points and she only needs 18 points in order for the Sass family to take home the prize worth $20,000.
Pragmatic Guide to Sass is edited by Kay Keppler and offers a fine guide to Sass, a language similar to CSS but with more extra power and enhancements.
This small guide to Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (SASS) provides web developers with an overview of this programming language for designing semantic, easy to read and understand style sheets.
Romania has always been an option but the base case has been and remains Bulgaria and the final investment decision for the offshore project is scheduled now for late November this year," South Stream spokesman Sebastian Sass said on 23 March.
Data from the federal Schools and Staffing Survey (SASS), the only nationally representative data source available for identifying variations in time across schools, are used to measure and document in-school time among the nation's traditional public, private and charter schools.
Whilst frocks by Temperley, Halston trr Herit sever Wear Co "We our f didn r-l tage and Sass & Bide normally cost ral hundred pounds, Wish Want offer them from as little as pounds 30.