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very thinly sliced raw fish

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The renowned restaurant creates delightful dishes infused with matsutake's spicy flavor and truffle's musky aroma, which includes cold items Tataki Matsutake - seared tuna, matsutake and butter ponzu sauce; Matsutake Suimono Jelly - local uni sashimi, matsutake, dashi jelly and yuzu juice; and Matsutake Lapu Lapu New Style Sashimi - lapu lapu sashimi, matsutake, garlic, ginger, chives and sesame seeds.
pregnant women, infants, the elderly, chronic disease patients and those with a weaker immune system, should avoid eating high-risk foods, for example, refrigerated ready-to-eat foods such as soft cheese made from raw milk, cheesecake, cold cuts, sashimi, sushi with raw ingredients, salads and smoked seafood.
The basic rule for making sashimi is to use good quality, very fresh produce.
The company will seek to meet the demand for sushi and sashimi by extending a range of products distributed in the Chinese market, products from Mitsubishi Corp.
Then came dinner: spicy seafood soup, an ahi sashimi salad, finally the entree of a ``Nobu box,'' holding lobster with truffle-yuzu sauce (amazing
ZOF has also been a pioneer in developing the sushi and sashimi markets in China through unique sales and marketing methods such as the introduction of its Ocean Family brand of products and the launch of seafood counters in high-end supermarkets and department stores.
The hotel also has a Japanese-accented restaurant dubbed Onyx, featuring sushi, sashimi and tempura.
The company and its advisors are considering a reformatting of the restaurants concept/menu that would be more contusive to the area of which would generate greater revenues, the concept under consideration is a international cuisine theme specializing in such fair as poached Chilean sea bass, porterhouse Florentine, kobe beef, tuna sashimi, spaghettini puttanesca and other high end cuisine.
Single and group orders of premium sushi, sashimi, tempura, yakimono, teppan and other mouth-watering Japanese goodies are in Saisaki's G2Go menu.
The sashimi grade, solid white meat Albacore tuna from the Pacific NW, and the boneless and skinless wild Alaskan salmon are both hand filleted, packed and cooked only once in their own natural juices.
In a nicely appointed and well-furnished space in the attractive Lakes complex in Thousand Oaks, Sushi Ko brings the latest in sushi, sashimi, tempura and kushiyaki to the citizens of the area.
Operating six locations in New York City and one in Philadelphia, Haru offers inventive Japanese fusion cuisine with a contemporary flair, and is highly regarded for its generous portions of fresh sushi, sashimi and tempura, and wide variety of unique sushi rolls.
In 2013, the caterer provided a menu that included pan de sal with The Plaza Premium Baked Ham and The Plaza Premium Roast Corned Beef, shrimp cocktail, Crab Claws Calypso, vegetable sticks, assorted sushi and sashimi, Fish Fingers with Gutsy Garlic, Chicken Kievettes, pork barbecue in skewers, phyllo with curried chicken, and penne arrabiata pasta with creamy shiitake.
I don't eat meat, and it's definitely not the steak that brought me here,'' admitted La Toya Jackson, as she wandered around the spacious dining room without touching the Kobe steak sashimi or prime sirloin steak tartare.
The menu will feature newly introduced items, including the Hawaiian Poke Martini, a large martini glass filled with ahi sashimi, grilled shrimp and avocado lightly tossed in a Hawaiian-style marinade; the Thai Crunch Salad, made with shredded Napa cabbage, chilled grilled chicken breast, julienne cucumbers, edamame, crispy wontons, peanuts, cilantro, julienne carrots, red cabbage and scallions tossed with a lime-cilantro dressing, topped with crispy rice sticks and Thai peanut dressing; and the spicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza, with grilled chipotle chicken, fire-roasted mild chilies, chipotle sauce, Mozzarella and Enchilado cheeses and topped with roasted corn, black bean salsa, cilantro and a light lime cream sauce.