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a counterweight for a sliding sash

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Perry's ballet/paperhanging bloodlines, or whatever kind they are, help him to avoid the flying lines and hooks, and to remain upright on Seahound's slick and pitching deck; to quickly move the loaded and empty tubs; to fasten seven more flags and anchors and 10 more sash weights, all precisely at the required moment; and to reliably tie a dozen more lines together -- under pressure.
If your house was built before about 1940, you'll likely have double-hung windows with sash weights and cords like the ones shown in this article.
Heavy-gauge materials hang straight, without the need for sewn hems or cumbersome sash weights
Modern double-hung windows (the upper and lower window sashes slide up and down past each other) don't use pulleys and sash weights to support the sash (the moving part of the window).
Salvage yard Drop off anything that's in good shape and free of toxins: surplus building materials (such as unused grout and electrical wire), hardware, appliances less than five years old, and windows and doors with working parts like hinges and sash weights.
Wouldn't it be great if someone still made double-hungs complete with sash weights like the originals," O'Brien remarked.