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Synonyms for sash

Synonyms for sash

a framework that holds the panes of a window in the window frame

a band of material around the waist that strengthens a skirt or trousers

References in classic literature ?
And with a good-night kiss, grandma left Polly to dream dreadfully of dancing in jockey costume, on a great stage; while Tom played a big drum in the orchestra; and the audience all wore the faces of her father and mother, looking sorrowfully at her, with eyes like saucers, and faces as red as Fanny's sash.
He crossed to the window, raised the sash and an instant later he had stepped out and disappeared into the night.
Supposing, then, the springs upon each sash to be the same, as was probable, there must be found a difference between the nails, or at least between the modes of their fixture.
Pressing the spring, I gently raised the sash for a few inches; the head went up with it, remaining firm in its bed.
Headquartered in New York, NY with a manufacturing facility in Springfield, NJ, Revival Sash provides custom design and manufacturing of windows and doors for the most discerning contractors and architects in the world.
More Ventilation: Upper sash can ventilate stale air and lower sash can bring in fresh air which is suitable for humid environments
Here are the advantages of timber double glazed sash windows in London.
Sash will share headliner status with fellow worldwide dance star Basshunter and the German DJ can't wait to get back in the Toon.
One of the organizers, cook and columnist Claude Tayag, said he had been able to convince Gloria to part with her Miss Universe 1969 sash, as the funds raised would provide educational and livelihood assistance for a chosen charity.
I can be audacious but I just don't want a sash to pigeonhole my behaviour
To replace timber sash windows with UPVC casement windows to side and rear.
A sash of length n starts with either a black square, a white square, or a rectangle.
The living room is spacious, light and airy and there's also a reception room with woodblock parquet floor, coved ceiling, a ceiling rose, and an open fireplace with a stone mantelpiece and hearth, plus a sash bay window to the front.
In addition, common examples now have a much shorter section of beadwork--again to presumably do the minimum necessary to make a sash.
A kitchen diner extends to nearly 29ft with sash window to the side, tiled flooring and fitted wall, drawer and base units with granite effect work surfaces over.