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any of various prickly climbing plants of the tropical American genus Smilax having aromatic roots and heart-shaped leaves

carbonated drink flavored with an extract from sarsaparilla root or with birch oil and sassafras

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Fancy a sarsaparilla, bull's eye or a chocolate lime, what is the name of the traditional handmade sweet shop opened in Stockton's Enterprise Arcade?
Supported by the teetotal Methodists, they served alcoholicfree tipples such as Vimto and sarsaparilla.
My drink of choice is the 144 Days: Aviation gin with fresh-squeezed lemon juice, vanilla syrup, sarsaparilla, and orange bitters.
For many years, sarsaparilla was identified by how their roots were tied in bundles for commercialization and by their external appearance (Farmacopeia, 1929).
I used to go to Law's Herbal Supplies on Gateshead High Street in the 70s for a sarsaparilla with my Grandparents
Recent innovation in this area from Diageo includes Crown Royal Regal Apple, Piehole Whiskey featuring three flavorseapple pie cherry pie and pecan pieeand Jeremiah Weed Spiced, Cinnamon and Sarsaparilla Whiskey.
Recent innovation in this area from Diageo includes Crown Royal Regal Apple, Piehole Whiskey featuring three flavors --apple pie cherry pie and pecan pie--and Jeremiah Weed Spiced, Cinnamon and Sarsaparilla Whiskey.
This was a robust wine with dark, black fruit, red berry preserves, light sarsaparilla, and spices.
Salisbury-born Andrew, who came to Cardiff in the 1960s to study town planning, and who later worked for Glamorgan County Council, had bookshops on The Hayes and in Charles Street before he moved to the Morgan Arcade when he took over the premises which had once stood next to the famous sarsaparilla shop.
I ummed and ahhed and recalled sweet shop Sarsaparilla tablets.
The former chief of a soft drink company changed the name of his signature drink from Carlisle's Sarsaparilla to "Root Beer.
Along the trail you will find the rare black ash, its wood used to make baskets; the Yellow birch flowers, which is used to make tea; Wild Sarsaparilla with the root used to make tea for an all-purpose medicine; Sweetfern, with the leaves and twigs used to make tea and poultices for the treatment of poison ivy rash and other external sores.
A full chapter is devoted to sarsaparilla and sassafras, old remedies in a new country, and includes true and false sarsaparilla and the search for sassafras.
Behind, doily-clad shelves held glass jars of sweets and brightly-coloured cordials - lime, blackcurrant, sarsaparilla, dandelion and burdock, to name a few.