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Growing conditions indoors and outdoors will be similar to sarracenias - boggy, low-nutrient conditions - but they also like to have some shade during the day.
CARNIVORES Elegant Sarracenia flava, left, and the native common butterwort
Although there are no obvious morphological characters that consistently distinguish eastern from western disjuncts of Sarracenia alata (Sheridan, 1991), various leaf color forms among individual populations occur.
The purpose of this study is to investigate the infraspecific systematics of Sarracenia alata.
Representatives from each of the two disjuncts of Sarracenia alata are included in the analysis (Table 1).
All ingroup representatives are from Sarracenia with Heliamphora heterodoxa as outgroup.
For enhanced context, other members of Sarracenia are included.
Nutrients are an absolute no-no as they will poison sarracenias, so avoid fertilisers.
Venus flytrap; Purple sarracenia is easy to grow; Miniature sarracenias must be kept wet; Darlingtonia 'hoodies'; The pretty but deadly pinguicula; Voracious nepenthes even gobbles mice
Pitcher plants such as sarracenia purple flower like the same conditions as other insectivores and, as with any group of plants, once you get the conditions right, the whole plant group should be within your grasp.