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a dress worn primarily by Hindu women


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Processing yarns with different coloured sequences is another way of creating patterns on sari fabrics.
You rarely get to see young people wearing saris in Mumbai," I said, complimenting her.
Hassan, who hospital staff initially identified as Amman Sari, was accompanied on the plane by his uncle Mohammed Hassan, a businessman who lives in Saudi Arabia.
She added: "The sari was nylon, so it caught fire everywhere within a few minutes.
She broke with the Hindu wedding tradition of wearing red to snap up the beautiful sari pictured opposite made by top designer Tarun Tahiliani - who also designed Jemima Khan's wedding sari.
The Art of the Sari exhibition will also celebrate traditional Indian dance and dress.
At the Pasadena Showcase House, which opens to visitors Sunday, Santa Monica designer Sari Ehrenreich has banished most of the accouterments modern children are supposed to crave from the kids' suite.
LIZ Hurley goes for the Bollywood look as she turns up at a charity party in a pale pink and green sari.
In another poem, "Chiffon Saris in the Dessert," the shedding of the sari allows the poet-narrator to blend in with the desert, "only to be called / Rosa or Rosita--/ generic for the dark haired," and thus to continue being a target of mainstream bigotry and racism.
Sari is a dreamer, who falls in love with David, an older boy who is a senior with a steady girlfriend.
Six yards of fabric draped around you without hook, stitch, of pin-that's how the sari was described to us as children.
Electron microscopy had revealed that sari cloth, when folded four to eight times, would create a filter of approximately 20 mm pore size, removing all copepods--and the cholera-causing bacteria attached to them--from the water.
Sari (pronounced SHAree) Gruber, the opera world's newest "hot property," was quick to inform me that she is a typical Scorpio when I spoke with her just a couple of days after her birthday, November 19.
A sari display, held at the Claremont Centre lounge, Clifton Road, aimed to provide a free inter- cultural insight for older people in Rugby.