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Synonyms for sardonic

Synonyms for sardonic

marked by or displaying contemptuous mockery of the motives or virtues of others

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disdainfully or ironically humorous

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matters more than blood." To such hackneyed homiletics we must counterpose Kalaman's dry sardonicism: "Love .
Valentine's Day "the harbinger of the new possibilities and strange sardonicism that inhered in allying commerce and celebration, mass production and deeply felt sentiment." (p.
Their modern equivalent, touched up with stylish sardonicism and modish self-mockery, can be found in Paul Thereoux's recent travelogue, in which the author flees his broken marriage and fear of cancer, seeking peace of mind on deserted tropic islands and New Zealand hilltops.(9) Good South Sea writers for Frisbie are Beatrice Grimshaw, Eric Muspratt, Frederick O'Brien, Robert Lee Eskridge, and Nordhoff and Hall (famous for their "Bounty" series).
You attain this sort of sardonicism that is more at the heart of tragedy than cheap, parlor-room sympathy." But Galas is not so sure that spectators can always enter into her states of Diamanda Praecox.
As a piece of pop polemic, it's peerless, poking fun at the bigger groups with the sort of sardonicism normally associated with the Fall's Mark E Smith.
Even David Letterman, who has made a career of sardonicism, dropped the mocking mask last week, acknowledging that his brand of humor may be out of tune -- at least temporarily -- with the tenor of the times.
The title of the show on one hand clearly invokes the playful sardonicism of the artists involved, who signal themselves as a confederacy of malcontents who, like disease itself, undermine the system through infiltrating its passageways.