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Synonyms for sardonically

in a sarcastic manner

References in classic literature ?
"You mean my beauty," said Mary, rather sardonically.
"If you will have your will," the wheat-farmer conceded sardonically, although his big hand clenched involuntarily as if throttling a throat.
"Don't agitate your feelings by going to look for him," said Lord Steyne sardonically. "Bah!" replied the other, with a sort of blush, "he'll cry himself to sleep"; and they fell to talking about the opera.
There was something awful in the thought that she was the last reflection of the world of passion for the fierce soul which seemed to look at one out of the sardonically savage face of that old seaman.
"Suppose he were coming to stab me?" he thought sardonically, and, assuming a green shade over his left eye, said in a severe tone, "Come in."
The 26-year-old made way for 17-year-old Mason Greenwood on 51 minutes and a number of Reds supporters sardonically cheered his removal in the 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford.
"Thank you for considering me such a huge threat to your agenda," Zarif posted sardonically on Twitter, while asking if "the truth is really that painful," referring to his role as a key communicator for the Iranian government.
Writing for Haaretz, Levy notes sardonically: "Your heart cries out to them.
"This is the corrupt company she speaks of," he said sardonically.
However; commenting sardonically at Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) president and leader of opposition leader in National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif regarding chairmanship of Public Accounts Committee (PAC), he added that the meat has been given to cat for the guarding.
Still, Transport Secretary Arthur Tugade hailed Wednesday's release as a significant step in moving away from a state of affairs he sardonically called 'Republika Ng Walang Plaka (No-Plates Republic).'
Just blindly obey Fox News," the actor-writer-producer wrote sardonically.
Rectangles of glass sardonically connoting windows (all smeared, yes, with gooey goodness) were among them.
Summary: Washington [US] November 9 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump has congratulated his supporters on the first anniversary of his historic win in the 2016 presidential election, by sardonically addressing them as "deplorables", a term which was coined by his former Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.
On Wednesday, the IDF officers running the program asked sardonically: "Where were the Russians all these years when Israel alone helped the beleaguered villages across its border?"