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Synonyms for sardonic

Synonyms for sardonic

marked by or displaying contemptuous mockery of the motives or virtues of others

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disdainfully or ironically humorous

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If it's salacious and completely unbelievable, it's probably in the Weekly World News, which recently turned its sardonic gaze on our corner of the industry.
While it may lack the original's sardonic humor, returning cast member Andrea Martin (of SCTV fame), Mysterious Skin's Michelle Trachtenberg, and director Glen Morgan have some bloody fun surprises in store.
It sounds like a wry satire--an echo, even more sardonic, of that ancient Saturday Night Live sketch about the insurance company that replaces departed dads.
Written by Lucas Hunt, Lives is a collection of brief, free-verse poems addressed directly to human lives and dreams--whether written to a sexy mistress, to the unfathomable Muse, to a farmer, and in one sardonic twist of verse, a "Prayer for Idiots".
Her dances were filled with invention, wit, and vitality and were by turn sardonic, ironic, and thought-provoking.
He is especially sardonic about the self-serving Michael Jackson, who, Crouch says, views himself and his faltering fortune as victims of race discrimination.
But only occasionally, as in Aleksandra Mir's The 21st Century Abortion Abolitionists, 2005, and Guerrilla GirlsBroadBand's typically sardonic The Advantages of Another Bush Presidency, 2004, did the overtly political make its presence felt.
DARKTHRONE Sardonic Wrath LP (Moonfog)--The old school masters of true Nordic black metal unfold yet another masterpiece, Relentless wrath is what I call this release, and I've been a listener since the beginning.
Local first--timer Baun Mah adopted Michael Moore's tongue-in-cheek style with his sardonic A Chink in the Armour, which skewers every Asian stereotype from bad drivers to math geniuses to martial artists.
In a country where class distinctions are consistently glossed over and the white poor are virtually invisible, save for the sardonic exploitation of Jerry Springer, Eminem's trailer park blues have way more significance to white suburban America than hip hop as a genre.
Darnella Ford's debut novel, Rising, is the story of Symone, a forthright, somewhat sardonic survivor of the worst kind of trauma--rape and incest.
While Emmy favourite The West Wing was a close second with 21 nominations, top bids also went to actor Michael Chiklis, star of the violent and volatile cable police drama The Shield, and the sardonic comedy Curb Your Enthusiasm.
GREAT to see Bob Geldof back to his usual sardonic self.
On the news that his archenemy, Post, had suffered a nervous breakdown after years of denouncing "coffee-slugged nerves," Tea & Coffee Trade Journal editor William Ukers wrote with sardonic glee, "We would not appear to gloat over his misfortune.
A sardonic friend suggested jokingly writing a thesis titled, "Do kids have fun in limbo?