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Synonyms for sardonic

Synonyms for sardonic

marked by or displaying contemptuous mockery of the motives or virtues of others

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disdainfully or ironically humorous

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I," he said, looking at me unflinchingly, with his old sardonic grin - "I am looking for something to do.
He held my stare, and presently a sardonic twinkle lit up his eyes.
An elderly man was at their heels scolding and directing in a creaky, sardonic voice.
He sat like an old white raven, croaking and shaking with sardonic laughter.
His black beard poured forward in a more impressive cascade, and his clear grey eyes, with their insolent and sardonic eyelids, were even more masterful than of yore.
The doctor looked at her with a sardonic smile; he thought it likely that he had discovered her sweetheart.
His sharp, shameless black eyes watched the girl's face absently; his gross lips curled upwards in a sardonic and self-satisfied smile.
My father looked round at her again with sardonic astonishment.
Jimmie gave vent to a sardonic curse and then laughed heavily.
The comic, or rather, the sardonic element was all out of him, and as he painted that strange scene it was with difficulty that I kept my composure.
Macallan looked around at me quietly with her sardonic smile.
Lady Janet's bright eyes watched him with sardonic attention; Lady Janet's ready tongue spoke out as freely as usual what was passing in her mind at the time.
He continued to grin with a sardonic humour, with a cynical mockery and defiance.
Take it as a rule," this sardonic old Laves would say, "the fathers and elder sons of all great families hate each other.
I believe that I am one of the most long-suffering of mortals; but I'll admit that I was annoyed at the sardonic interruption.