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a stone coffin (usually bearing sculpture or inscriptions)

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Netzer added: "It's a sarcophagus we don't just see anywhere.
Western governments and Ukraine have pledged pounds 500m to replace the existing sarcophagus,but only pounds 81m has been spent due to delays.
The fully-restored sarcophagus is now in a well-lit glass case in the department's museum.
After viewing pictures of King Tut's beautifully patterned sarcophagus, and learning about the symbols of the Egyptian language known as "hieroglyphics," the students were ready to make their own sarcophagi
Tenders are invited for Accessories different (Coffins) (lot 1 - Standard coffins, draped with satin or velvet fabric, lot 2 - Standard coated lacquered 4-corner; Lot 3 - Standard coated lacquered 6-corner; Lot 4 - Standard sarcophagus type coffins or equivalent to a 4-corner with a double cover; Lot 5 - Standard "Sarcophagus" or equivalent oval with double cover; Lot 6 - Standard coffins without upholstery)
A sailing ship carved onto a sarcophagus greets those entering the room, as if to signal a journey back though time.
The sarcophagus consists of a box and a roof-shaped lid, which has acroteria on all four corners and pediments (Fig.
But three decades have passed, and the Sarcophagus has recently begun to crack.
stdd | Workers build the arch that will be moved on rails over the sarcophagus and reactor building damaged by the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
The sarcophagus is covered on both sides with artistically carved scenes from myths, symbols of protective spirits, and pembeliatn (shamans), who preserve sacred heirlooms.
When Egyptians were buried, it was not infrequent for grave robbers to break into a sarcophagus looking for treasures.
According to media reports, workers came across a sarcophagus while using heavy machinery to excavate a quarry.
Make photocopies of the packing crate and sarcophagus artwork on good quality paper, and decorate them with colored pencils.
officials have seized an ancient Roman sarcophagus lid from a New York City storage facility on behalf of Italian officials who say it was looted from Italy decades ago, AP reported.
ISLAMABAD -- ,,, Archaeologists say they unearthed a rare find during a dig in Egypt: a sarcophagus that's 3,600 years old-with a mummy still inside.