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Incredibly, after accurately describing the risk of spreading malignant cells throughout the abdomen, and after noting that "Morcellation-induced sarcomatosis (the spread of a type of cancer) will worsen the prognosis for the patient and necessitate additional surgery and chemotherapy," a medical staff note to the OB/GYN Department at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston (where Dr.
Differential diagnoses of PMP include peritoneal carcinomatosis, lymphomatosis, sarcomatosis, infectious peritonitis, inflammatory pseudotumour, gliomatosis peritonei, peritoneal hydatidosis and peritoneal melanosis.
Even with intensive treatment some of these patients will die within 2 years from sarcomatosis.
8) "Meningeal" sarcomatosis with multiple glioma can occur in four different ways as reported by Moya, et al.