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an extensible membrane enclosing the contractile substance of a muscle fiber

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b) Excitation-contraction coupling which includes all phenomena that initiated the action potential sarcolemma sharp increases in the concentration of free Ca2 + from sarcoplasmic necessary training and dragging the cross deck.
The binding of DHP calcium channel agonists and antagonists (including those with AO properties) to receptors in cardiac sarcolemmal membranes is a complex reaction that may involve an interaction with the lipid bilayer matrix of the sarcolemma (Herbette et al.
Dystrophins carrying spectrin-like repeats 16 and 17 anchor nNOS to the sarcolemma and enhance exercise performance in a mouse model of muscular dystrophy.
2) Repeated intramuscular injections will not only injure the muscle fibre but also decrease the capacity for regeneration of sarcolemma and endomysial sheath which are already disrupted by repeated injections leading to focal necrosis.
Intensely fluorescing areas within the exact borders of the sarcolemma were interpreted as eMHC-positive fibers.
A similar interaction with sarcolemma potassium channels could hyperpolarize cardiomyocytes and decrease cardiac excitability.
Interruption of myocardial blood flow causes a series of events that lead to alterations in the myocyte's physiology and architecture including mitochondrial and sarcolemma injury and alterations in intracellular calcium handling, culminating in injury and cell death [3].
Muscle contraction occurs when the summation of acetylcholine receptor activation reaches the threshold to trigger voltage dependent sodium channel activation in the sarcolemma outside the neuromuscular junction and subsequent action potential generation and depolarization of the muscle fiber.
Histopathological Investigation Showing Muscle Damage The findings including the separations between the myofibrils, increased connective tissue between the muscle fibers, loss of striations and the circular formation of the nuclei that were transferred to the centrum beneath the sarcolemma were highest in the groups that were sacrificed one day after the exhausting exercise, both in the T group and UT group (Figure 3).
Branched fibres in old dystrophic mdx muscle are associated with mechanical weakening of the sarcolemma, abnormal [Ca.
These include problems occurring with neuromuscular transmission and propagation down the sarcolemma, calcium release and uptake in the sarcoplasmic reticulum, availability of metabolic substrates and accumulation of metabolites, and actinmyosin crossbridge interactions.
The presence of 5-HT2A receptor in skeletal muscle and the 5HT2A receptor blockade caused by the atypicals could produce this CK elevation through a sarcolemma permeability enhancing effect.
Hypotheses include cocaine-induced vasospasm with resultant muscle ischemia, excessive energy demands placed on the sarcolemma, and direct toxic effects on myocytes.
Dystroglycan is not required for localization of Dystrophin, syntrophin, and neuronal NO - synthase at the sarcolemma but regulates integrin a -7B expression and caveolin - 3 distribution.