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of or relating to or resembling flesh


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Most of the 133 patients (86%) who were available for follow-up (mean follow-up, 5 years) were in complete remission from sarcoid.
16%) of necrobiotic granuloma, sarcoid granuloma and malakoplakia.
Danila E et al prospectively evaluated diagnostic role of BALF CD4/CD8 ratio in pulmonary sarcoidosis manifested in different radiographic and clinical forms and they found Normal BALF cell counts in 7% of sarcoid patients.
The common subsequent conditions are many like granuloma annulare, sarcoid, metastasis, lymphoma, leukemia cutis, pseudolymphoma, tinea, angiosarcoma, Bowen's disease and tuberculoid and vasculitic granuloma.
Tumor was presumptively diagnosed as sarcoid on upper eyelid and SCC in temporal limbus.
Systemic granulomatous diseases, including sarcoid and Wegener's granulomatosis may have central nervous system (CNS) involvement.
Sarcoid arthropathy commonly symmetrically involves ankles and is followed by other large joints of the lower extremity (18).
In addition, infiltration of an old scar by sarcoid tissue may result from a hypersensitivity reaction of the skin or erythema nodosum occurring at the time of sarcoid activity elsewhere in the body (4, 5).
A study of the most prevalent tumor-like lesions in the central region of Rio Grande do Sul state concluded that sarcoid and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) were the most prevalent neoplastic lesions observed, and pythiosis, exuberant granulation tissue, and eosinophilic granuloma were the most frequently diagnosed non-neoplastic lesions (SOUZA et al.
2) Cardiac involvement in sarcoid is being reported more frequently and is thought to carry a frequency of between 20-30 percent of all cases if microscopic analysis is performed on myocardium.
Cytokine patterns in tuberculous and sarcoid granulomas: correlations with histopathologic features of the granulomatous response.
While granulomas have been found in 60-80% of liver biopsy specimen, sarcoid hepatic nodules are found on imaging in only 5% of cases [17].
Mycobacteria are attractive as causal agents as they produce disease histologically very similar to sarcoidosis, with some studies even demonstrating the presence of mycobacterial antigen in sarcoid tissue.
Mortimer was Jonathan Hutchinson's patient, and this term has been used as a synonym for Boeck's sarcoid (Cssar Peter Mfoller Boeck, 1845-1917, a Norwegian dermatologis).