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a distinctive property of a substance affecting the gustatory sense

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43) Ammianus models aspects of his presentation of Sapor and Constantius at Amida on Julian's depiction of the same two figures in his narrative of the siege of Nisibis in 350, which is contained in his two panegyrics to Constantius.
In one forty-year period of the fourth century, no less than 16,000 Christians were put to death by the Persian emperor Sapor II.
It is said of Sapor King of Persia, that he carried a great globe to be made of Glasse, of such curiosity and excellency, that himself might sit in his throne, and he and it, in the Center thereof, and behold the motions and revolutions of the Starres, rising and falling under his feet: as if he that was a mortall man would seem immortall.
Although he drew heavily from aspects of Zoroastrianism, he was regarded as a heretic until Sapor I took the Persian throne in 240.
Niamh Cullen and Colin Sapor, both nine, from Swansfield Park Primary School in Alnwick, opened the festivities on the garden's first-ever ice rink.
Lo cierto es que fue en 324 cuando en tres documentos oficiales distintos, la carta a los ciudadanos de Palestina, la carta a Sapor y la carta a los ciudadanos orientales, Constantino confeso publicamente su conviccion de la existencia de un solo Dios verdadero (28).