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As he gave a parting look, a breeze waved the little banner upon the sapling oak and reminded Reuben of his vow.
The sapling to which he had bound the bloodstained symbol of his vow had increased and strengthened into an oak, far indeed from its maturity, but with no mean spread of shadowy branches.
Gathering the saplings under one huge arm he ran, lumberingly, into the jungle.
Her keel we had laid upon several rollers cut from small trees, the ends of the rollers in turn resting upon parallel tracks of long saplings.
BAHAWALPUR -- Bahawalpur is being turned into a green city with the plantation of different flower saplings.
The VC said that 200 million saplings would be planted if every person plant at least one sapling in spring season.
In Mohmand Agency, additional political agent Hamid-ur-Rehman launched the spring plantation drive by sowing a sapling on the lawns of a local organisation.
The campaign has simultaneously been started in all 29 districts of the province with a target of planting over half a million saplings on the inaugural day, today.
In an interview with our Gilgit correspondent today Minister Forest, Wildlife and Environment Mohammad Imran said three million saplings would be planted across GB during the current campaign.
Under the campaign, saplings would be planted across the country for a healthier, sustainable environment.
If all those saplings planted survived the whole country would have been a contiguous forest with 100% tree cover and we all would have been forest dwellers.
More specifically, the literature on online learning tools such as Aplia and Sapling is limited (particularly for Sapling given that, in relative terms, it is a new product).
Patna: A village in Bihar witnessed the sowing of many saplings last week after a groom set the activity as a precondition for marrying his would-be bride in what local villagers term as a very welcome trend.
Although millions of saplings have been planted in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad this year, the country is still far from achieving an optimal percentage of its land covered by forests.
Darren Lloyd said: "Our co|n manufacturer has a green policy, so that for every solid wood co|n we buy, we are automatically provided with a sapling tree.