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characterized by wisdom, especially the wisdom of God

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Central to an appreciation of Israel's sapiential tradition is the understanding that wisdom is God's good gift (hence Solomon's dream-request for the gift of wisdom) rather than a human accomplishment.
27) It occurs as the human person becomes enlightened, ego-enclosed consciousness dissolving through a direct sapiential insight into the nature of nonself and dependent co-arising.
The implications of the research in chapters three and four are considered in chapter five ("Prophetic, Sapiential, and Priestly 'Mysteries'"), where Thomas discusses "the various ways in which mystery language is deployed in the texts most closely related to the Yahad" (p.
In the drama of sapiential persuasion shoah played a brief but powerful role.
She also belongs to a more inclusive, older community of sapiential writers such as the Church Fathers, Aquinas, and Dante.
Enoch is a blend of prophetic and sapiential streams, with far less attention to the Sinai covenant and Torah.
More specifically, he suggests, the important principles that shaped the founding history of America, including the Wisdom books of the Bible, might be drawn upon toward the development of a sapiential religious system.
Augustine reads Paul as talking about two parts of every human mind: composed of a sapiential, "masculine" function which contemplates things eternal, and a scientific, "feminine" function which directs all knowledge and love of created things back to their Creator.
Readers of this book will find that it is neither a critical/analytical study of Taoism and Christianity nor an argument for the syncretistic identity of the sapiential content of both traditions.
Codina said the communities were moving "from Exodus to Exile, from a prophetic-apocalyptic spirit to a sapiential one, from sociological analysis to cultural mediation, from the voluntarism of praxis to the experience of gratuity.
This leads to a particular deficit in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in rabbinic literature, where one might have hoped for greater attention to parallels with sapiential and other pertinent haggadic genres.
demonstrates his thesis by tracing the transformation of ancient Israelite prophecy into the early Jewish apocalyptic, eschatological, clerical, and sapiential forms that informed and shaped the Jesus movement and the early church.
Other commentators, while not accepting von Rad's premise, have noted the mixture of sapiential and apocalyptic motifs, especially in Second Temple and early Christian works.
The sacral and sapiential character of a great teacher must be insisted on in our predominantly secular society, when the need to distinguish between "true and false shepherds" is particularly urgent.
Johnson stresses the sapiential character of the sacra doctrina.