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Synonyms for sapience

deep, thorough, or mature understanding

Synonyms for sapience

ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight

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Pat Eddery, champion Flat jockey who rode Sapience to victory in the Ebor
You'd have to say that Forgive'N Forget winning the Gold Cup was my best day, closely followed by Sapience winning the Ebor," he said.
Before joining Sapience, Wesley co-founded OneSource Virtual, a pioneer in the Business Process as a Service (BPaas) industry.
India-based Sapience Analytics, a People Analytics solution company, has said that Credit Suisse Asset Management's NEXT Investors has made a major investment in its business.
A century later, humans and zhree basically get along, but the Sapience are determined to retake earth from the aliens.
I am very excited to be part of what is being built at Sapience Therapeutics," stated Dr.
Under the terms of the agreement, Sapience will gain exclusive rights to the development and commercialization of intellectual property developed at Columbia University by Drs Lloyd Greene and James Angelastro.
70118), the woman in black: the patron of Antoine Verard's edition of the Horloge de Sapience (PML 17591), and Calivs Secundus Curio His Historie of the Warr of Malta: translated by Thomas Mainwaring in 1579.
Des lors, desarmes de toute sapience, ils s'evertuent a tout prix a mettre a sac les bibliotheques, a detruire les centres du savoir, a jeter les livres dans des rivieres et en faire des ponts.
Apart from exemplifying sobriety, sapience or sagacity in her ponencias, and mild manner in her court management, it was in her tenure as PJ that the sole historical and biographical magazine titled "Justices of the Court of Appeals (1936-2011)" was produced.
The brief account presented above suggests that for Wordsworth at least, individual consciousness, and perhaps even sapience, precedes sociability.
But seven in his portfolio, including OlaCabs, Sapience Analytics and Pretty Secrets, are now worth more than 100 times the investment.
Tomas de Torrejon, the censor in charge of evaluating Peralta's epic poem Lima fundada, complements his own report of Peralta's manifold sapience with what could well be hinting at a real anecdote about the savant's prestige:
19) Kristen Fudeman notes that there is only one known Jewish manuscript from the period written in French in the Roman alphabet: a 1273 French translation of the Commencement de sapience by Hagin le Juif.
His "degraded sapience, with its black picture of the world" makes him a member of the herd of "embattled half-breeds of the world .