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My own appreciation for Fabula Rasa lies in its crafty narration, tense dialogues, sapid humor, and the author's care for details.
A sapid, and to a certain extent popular, presentation of the logicistic, intuitionistic and formalistic foundations of mathematics can be found in the works of Carnap [2], Heyting [3] and von Neumann [4] which were written in 1930.
We've brought bio-reactor systems online for Martin-Weyrich Winery, Sapid and Pattasay wineries, an astute solution for winery wastewater, converting a liability into an asset, BOD into compost tea.
The flavour of many aggressive vegetables as onions, shallots, garlic and peppers can be toned down by judicious cooking, so these can balance the sapid nuances of fresh greens as runner beans, spinach and courgettes.
Of course, more complex sapid dishes are found in a good number of these and other food and drink establishments.