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a typeface in which characters have no serifs

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Dwyer's smarting social conscience is similarly apparent in FOOD, 1990-2012, composed of four galvanized trash cans reconfigured to form the shape of large sans-serif letters, a signifier of the arrant waste generated by American over-privilege.
Ryan did a terrific job on his typographic guitar, using lyrics from the Beatles' song, Blackbird, to define its shape with a wonderful combination of outline and solid serif and sans-serif type.
Different results were expected in serif and sans-serif fonts.
For ages, they have been willing to throw down over the merits of serif versus sans-serif typefaces - whether or not letters should carry little decorative flourishes, or serifs, like the rightward kick on a lowercase a, the leftward angle on a lowercase d or the miniscule hat that caps a capital letter such as J.
Hastily you click on 'how to use this site' and peer through the murk of dark purple or maybe dark blue sans-serif text on the grey/purple background.
The sans-serif type is large, the simple sentences are short, and there are very few per page.
It consists of 22 pages of wall-to-wall sans-serif typewriter type, two columns separated only by the ragged right of the left-hand column.
The font is a clean-cut sans-serif face which is easily readable.
A serif type (Times Roman) is easier to read than a sans-serif (Helvetica).
The new FedEx identity is characterized by a horizontal, bold sans-serif typeface in more dynamic shades of the trademark purple and orange Federal Express colors.
The sans-serif TrueType(R) font, Twentieth Century, was modified to enhance readability within four titles expected to be available next month from various retail outlets nationwide: JumpStart Advanced Preschool(TM), JumpStart Advanced Kindergarten(TM), JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade(TM) and JumpStart Advanced 2nd Grade(TM).
com)-- Stiff Upper Glyph, a new typeface design studio and font foundry specializing in the creation of interesting high-quality fonts, has released Semidocile - an intriguing sans-serif typeface with a modern, unique personality.