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set of standards established and enforced by government for health requirements as in plumbing etc

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Almost 10 years ago, the city of Boston's Inspectional Services Department (ISD), which enforces the state sanitary code for all housing in the city of Boston, initiated the Breathe Easy at Home (BEAH) initiative.
The law requires that a water district take action to protect the water supply under the sanitary code and grants them the right to recover those costs.
Sanitary Code [section] 23:006-4 provides that al establishments that sell or serve raw oyster must display signs, menu notices, table tents, or other clearly visible messages at point of sale with the following wording:
All designs shall be in accordance with the New Jersey Building Code, New Jersey State Sanitary Code, and any other applicable regulations.
Two days after the sewage backup, as a stunned Rivera sat in her car making a list of her lost possessions, a man from the city's Department of Inspectional Services approached her window with a violation notice of the state Sanitary Code, which helpfully noted that her house isn't fit for human habitation.
By statute, the department was required to enforce the sanitary code.
Responsible for enforcing the County Sanitary Code and State laws relating to environmental health.
A majority of property owners who are notified by the attorney general's office that the sanitary code is not being followed "bring these properties into compliance, making them secure, weather-tight and not a threat," Ms.
is charged with animal cruelty, violating the state sanitary code, unlawful wiretapping and registering a motor vehicle improperly to avoid taxes and premiums.
The Clinton Housing Improvement Program provides financial assistance to eligible homeowners to correct building and sanitary code violations, and abate lead paint and asbestos hazards.
Jarvis wrote, "My investigation noted numerous tractor trailer tires burned in the fire, buried along the river and in piles around the property, pieces of tractor trailer walls, trailer insulation and various other large vehicle parts in violation of the state Sanitary Code.
Belanger's properties barely met the sanitary code.
In a state audit, the Millbury Housing Authority was found to have numerous instances of violations of the state sanitary code in two vacant units.
Wilson, of the city Department of Inspectional Services, said under the state sanitary code, property owners are responsible for providing rodent-proof trash receptacles with lids to hold waste until collection.
City officials also said that activities - whether on public or private property - fall under city ordinances and the state's sanitary code.