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a hospital for recuperation or for the treatment of chronic diseases

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The group's representative said one of the five sanitariums is considering reporting the cases to the police, while another is opposed to it, and the remaining three have not commented.
Wooden, along with his parents and three brothers (his two sisters died at an early age), moved into town, and his father took a job as a bath attendant at a sanitarium.
During discussions Thursday, the government insisted on creating a document for the former patients, as it did in reaching an earlier settlement for patients who were forced into sanitariums.
Gibson said she too would like to see the results of an inquiry into the role the sanitariums played.
This kind of behavior existed in national sanitariums across the country.
Members of the Japanese Society of Psychiatry and Neurology said they plan to survey current and former leprosy patients of state-run sanitariums as well as the psychiatrists who have attended them.
It's not contagious, but in those days everyone with TB was isolated in sanitariums.
The Japanese health ministry on Monday rejected compensation claims filed by 117 former leprosy patients in South Korea, who were forcibly put into sanitariums under Japanese colonial rule.
The 32 medical facilities are among 45 national hospitals and sanitariums targeted for elimination under the second phase of a long-term health ministry plan to reorganize and refocus the state-run health care system.
The government previously paid such compensation only to former leprosy patients who were forced into isolated sanitariums in Japan under the policy segregating leprosy patients that continued until 1996.
Twenty-eight former leprosy patients in South Korea filed a request Thursday with the Japanese government for compensation for being forcibly put in sanitariums when Korea was under the Japanese colonial rule.
Their request, expected to be filed by the year-end, will be the first compensation demand against the Japanese government by former patients in sanitariums in former colonial territories.
Under the law, leprosy patients were forced into sanitariums.
Unlike most other leprosy patients in Japan, the plaintiffs were not forced into sanitariums under the 1953 Leprosy Prevention Law that was repealed in 1996.
The agreement noted that the government is responsible for the isolation policy, which reduced opportunities for leprosy patients to receive treatment outside of sanitariums.