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Synonyms for sangria

sweetened red wine and orange or lemon juice with soda water

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I'm excited to be opening our first lounge and sangria bar in Newcastle, there's a great bar scene here and I'm excited to get involved and bring some Spanish twists to the mix," said Omar.
Value for money: Our final bill for two came to PS56, which included food, sangria and two glasses of wine each.
Dishes to prepare include Greek-style Bean Salad, Savory Ham with Dijon Cream, Black Forest Tarts, Mock Sangria, and much more.
Pero lo mas danino del hecho de la emigracion es la sangria de un recurso muy valioso, el humano, que sufre Mexico.
Canandaigua, a division of Constellation Brands, broke new ground early in 2004 with a Tetra Prisma Sangria package under the Almaden label, which has been very well received, according to Mark Feinberg, a marketing director for Canandaigua Wine.
is bringing a new level of convenience to wine connoisseurs by selling its Almaden Red Sangria in a 500-milliliter Tetra Prisma package.
Eight hundred Frenchmen can't be wrong," Lesvia Castro exclaims with a hearty laugh as she applies this saying to the many friends and relatives who enjoy her homemade sangria.
Some of her other titles include Shades of Jade (Gloria Mallette), Married But Still Looking (Travis Hunter), Neva Hafta (Edwardo Jackson), Chocolate Sangria (Tracy Price-Thompson), and The Dying Ground (Nichelle Tramble).
The flavor additions include Red Sangria, which the company says is a lighter version of classic sangria, livened with citrus and berry flavors; and White Sangria, which blends white wine with tropical fruit flavors.
More than a million of us jet off to the Costa del Sol every year, spending our hard-earned cash on their Sangria and paella.
Segun el modelo utilizado, resulto una curva caracteristica mostrando un titulo promedio, maximo y optimo en las muestras, correspondientes al dia 21 posterior a la primera inoculacion; luego se observa un descenso paulatino del titulo neutralizante hasta el dia 70, ultima sangria, donde muestra el titulo promedio mas bajo, FIG.
Viewers will watch youngsters romp in a no-holds-barred programme which concentrates on sun, sand, sea, sex and sangria.
Bring dinner to a close with sweet-hot crackers and chilled sangria or rose wine, or end the meal elegantly by presenting cheese and fruit with a late-harvest white wine, or nuts and cheese with port.
Choose from Max's Signature Red Sangria, Blackberry Peach, Trade Wind Sangria or Festive Cherry Sangria.