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(legend) chalice used by Christ at the Last Supper

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NAOMI MATTHEW: 2.10 Tickled Pink, 2.40 Sangrail, 3.15 Tiger Sunset, 3.50 Cantal (nb), 4.20 Cotton Grass, 4.55 Quixote, 5.25 Tafawuk
(5) Three such characters, or havoc-wreakers, appear regularly: Reginald from 1901 to 1904, Clovis Sangrail from 1909 to 1916, and Vera Durmot from 1911 to 1913.
Partly for reasons of his historical importance and partly for the romance of his glamorous career, the hunt lot Alexander's mysteriously vanished tomb has come to be regarded as the archaeologist's analogue for the Arthurian quest for the Sangrail. At its crudest there are elements of the excitement and drama of Raiders of the Lost Ark, I myself got some sense of this from the violent reverberations of a dilapidated taxi during a 90mph ride along the desert road from Cairo to Alexandria in my search for his tomb.
The first chapter deals with thematic similarities, comparing the Red-Cross Knight's spiritual experiences and temptations with those of the knights who follow the quest for the Sangrail; Duessa to Morgan Le Fay; and the liberation of Lyones by Gareth to the Redcross Knight's liberation of Una's parents.
Pater also defines Hellenism as a by-product of "that Hellenic ideal, in which man is at unity with himself, with his physical nature, with the outward world," (51) i.e., a mythic time of harmony between the senses and the intellect, the subject and the world, inner and outer dimensions, (52) which has passed away, never to be recovered in full or as such, only to be fantazised or to be what Pater termed "the Sangrail" of the human quest.