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signboard consisting of two hinged boards that hang front and back from the shoulders of a walker and are used to display advertisements

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Kooltherm K20 Concrete Sandwich Board is available in standard sizes or custom lengths, and R-values of 13.
The sandwich board permit exemption will cost the city a portion of the $11,000 it brings in annually from all temporary sign permits.
Women wearing a sandwich board that read "Ask me to pay your bus fare and I will" were positioned at bus stations in Newcastle, Medway, Manchester, Perth and Leicester, but were mostly just ignored.
2) Dylan Boudreau's sandwich board sign is blown in the wind as he campaigns yesterday for his father, David T.
The entrepreneur claimed the quality of candidates he receives was so low that he relied on a sandwich board outside his shop to advertise posts.
In a variation of the old sandwich board display, rollerbladers sang the praises of 211 23rd Street Condos, a boutique condominium, by entertaining the public during the hours of an open house at the property and successfully drawing in more than a dozen potential buyers.
The sandwich board he is wearing is printed with that childlike hand, the cowlike hoof.
In the trunk of the vehicle is a sandwich board made from Celstran LFT from Ticona with a polypropylene honeycomb core, giving the car greater stability and reduced weight.
HERE are two familiar sights back on the Square - Billy forced to humiliate himself at Christmas (though wearing a sandwich board is a lot better than his previous work as an elf) and Jane Beale.
Summary: Wearing a sandwich board with the words "JOB WANTED.
I tried to rid myself of the infestation / By walking miles with a sandwich board.
To be precise, from Attalla City, Alabama, where a judge ordered two shoplifters to stand outside a supermarket wearing a sandwich board that read: "I am a thief.
Auckland's Two Double Seven Shopping Centre has been using the electronic version of the time-honoured sandwich board to promote its retailers' 2006 winter fashion offers.
But with Do Not Call, Do Not Fax and Do Not E-Mail regulations working their way into existence, it may soon be that the only alternative to mail may be for me to stand alongside Route 81 wearing a sandwich board reading:
World record try scorer Campese, who famously walked down Oxford Street with a sandwich board which said 'I admit the best team won' after betting that England would not win the World Cup last year, has something of a hate-hate relationship with the England supremo.