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The most environmentally friendly homemade sandwich was a simple ham and cheese.
Sandwich is everyone's favourite food and has its own charm to it.
IThis will be followed over the next few days with a ham salad teacake, toasted cheese and ham on white bread, an open prawn salad sandwich on brown bread and a chip butty on Friday.
It's the very same idea that the Earl of Sandwich had many years ago.
Over 3,500 people took part in the vote on the BSA's lovesarnies' website to help identify the country's top ten sandwich fillings and whilst varieties of chicken sandwich appeared on the list three times, it was the BLT that topped the overall poll with prawn mayonnaise finishing a close second.
SANDWICH TRAIN (makes 2) INGREDIENTS 2 sandwich rounds made with cream cheese or pate; cucumber skin; radishes; a little sandwich filling; 1 celery stick; 1 carrot; 1 cooked beetroot; cream cheese; lettuce and pretzel stick.
I'm always looking for sandwich ideas and this new book offers 101 creative recipes.
lazy earl's whim led to the creation of the sandwich 250 years ago.
Summary: The SUBWAYao submarine sandwich chain has enhanced its menu of healthier meal options with a new offering of six-inch sandwiches with just five grams of fat or less.
Employees are increasingly trying to save money bymaking a 'fake-away' - a sandwich they've brought from home.
A retail sandwich range aimed specifically at children is making its way into the chillers later this month in a bid to bring younger consumers to the category.
New research from foodservice consultancy Technomic found that though preferences for traditional sandwiches remain strong, consumers are looking for greater variety in sandwich ingredients available from limited- and full-service restaurants.
FOR years they have been a favourite in sandwich bars, supermarkets and garages.
When seven-year-old Dana Lewis finished her roast dinner one Sunday, she decided to make a sandwich using the leftovers, her imagination and some culinary flair.
Who can pass up a good Italian pressed sandwich, or panini, for a casual summer dinner?